What is “KILIG” Feeling?

Welcome to my own little world. I am sure my life is unique but definitely we still share some things in common. In the morning, I am usually busy in the kitchen cooking and making breakfast for the family. Next getting my son ready for school or bible class, dropping him off to school, running errands (usually grocery), cleaning up the house (I won’t go into details. I tend to be a neat freak!),  taking care of my toddler, picking up my son from school, cooking dinner, giving the kids a bath, and putting them to bed. When they are fast asleep (one of my favorite times)  I enjoy watching recorded TV shows with my hubby while having a beer or two. Oh I forgot, somewhere in there, I try to work on my blog too. Basically this is the routine everyday. Why and I mentioning these? Because in the midst of my routine, today, something special happened to me… There was a break and it inspired me to write.

I felt something we call “kilig” in the Philippines. I am not sure what is the exact word for it  in English, so I quickly looked up for a description from urbandictionary.com.

Noun “It is the sudden feeling of an inexplicable joy one gets when something romantic or idealistic occurs.
When kilig, one may experience the following:
*butterflies in one’s stomach
*heart melting
*shivers down one’s spine
*irrepressible noises from one’s mouth
*uncontrollable smiling
*an inner conflict between hope of something wished for and realityKilig may also be defined as that mountain top, floating, on cloud nine, invincible, i-could-keep-smiling, heart aching goodness and feeling which overpowers the mind’s ability to think straight, act straight, breathe properly and articulate thoughts into a single comprehensible sentence”.

For me, kilig is one of the most beautiful human experiences. I am certain, sometime in your life you have felt this with someone. It reminded me of my younger days, of those love and inspiration, love letters, phone calls, surprise visits, when the heart would beat so fast to the point that you could hear it.I recall having felt this so many times with my first relationship, with a very special friendship, unspoken feelings, mutual understandings, and definitely towards the man I married. Yes that is “kilig”!  This morning, I received a message from my sister. She said she has a Christmas present for me! I saw my phone and there was a special video message from my long time crush! He is one of the most sought eligible bachelor in the movie industry in Manila (special mention to Piolo Jose Pascual). He made me smile and brought back those nice feelings. Special thanks to my sister for knowing how to “tickle” me. This is one unique early Christmas gift. Thanks to Instagram, now you can follow celebrities. It makes you feel close to them when you see their personal photos and messages. It makes you feel like you can truly reach for the stars. You are lucky when they get to reply to your comment. I guess the social media is really a powerful tool connecting people in some level.

Now I am back to my reality. As I write this article, my children won’t stop calling me to play with them. Ciao!  Until next time!

Appreciate little things in life. Be young at heart!


Maybe There Is Really A “Meant To Be?”

Being in a relationship is not just about feelings. That’s what I have learned from  books.  Emotions keep changing with life. I believe that in order for a relationship to last, there should be love and commitment. I have been married to my husband for seven years now, going to eight. And I always pray to God to take care of our relationship. It is a life long commitment and we intend to stay together for the rest of our lives. We all know that there can be trials along the way, and journeys are not perfect.  When we got married I received a simple frame with a prayer on it. I put it up in our living room beside our wedding photo. It says “Lord help us to remember when we first met and the strong love that grew between us… Dear Lord we put our marriage into your hands. Amen. ” So I try to remember how it all began and I can’t help but say “maybe there is really such a thing as meant to be?”. My  husband and I knew each other all our lives. We were neighbors in our hometown back in the Philippines. He lived just a few blocks from mine. You can actually see their house from our place. We went to the same school in Elementary. We were classmates from fourth grade to sixth. In addition, both our families were active in the parish church. He served as an altar boy and I was a member in one organization. We were friends, young people hanging out in church. High school came and he moved to all boys school. I moved to all girls’. We still saw each other in church. Young love, he started to send me love letters and sent me signals that he liked me. I had a crush on him too but nothing serious. He told me he loved me but I did not believe him. After what I said he became cold and aloof. So the love letters stopped and the affection as well. College came and we both went to different Universities. Sometimes we would still see each other in church, only we were busier this time in school. He studied Physical Therapy and I went with Psychology. I ended up getting my Master’s degree too.  We both got into relationships. He met a girl and would sometimes bring her to church. I believed we were also introduced to each other. I was cool with it. Then he moved to the United States while I lived in Manila. We sometimes see each other online and stay in touch. Likewise, I had my first boyfriend. He was a medicine student (eventually became a medical doctor). He went to the same church with me and my husband. So we were all “friends.” I was with the “doctor” for seven years and it just did not end well. Growing up, changes, one day you will just realize that it’s not what you want. I was not aware that the same thing also happened with my husband. He was engaged with his girlfriend and they were about to get married. Wedding did not push through since a third party was involved (his ex girlfriend’s side). In 2006, our paths just crossed again.  We were both available and things just happened quickly. It’s like everything fell into place. The Universe conspired to help us find each other again!  We fell in love and the next year tied the knot! This was quite an adventure (to be written next time). It was not all bed of roses. There were great challenges too especially with the distance between us. When our paths crossed, we were living in our own perfect worlds. Then I had to make the hardest decision of my life, leaving family, friends and my blooming career. In the end, love conquered all…   Now we are together with our two beautiful children. As long as there is faith in each other, commitment to take care of the marriage and choose to save it on top everything or anyone, I am sure, we will make it another day, another year, and hopefully as long as we live!


Beauty On Budget


Being busy  is not an excuse to look exhausted or unhealthy. Before anyone can take care of others, I believe it is right that he or she should take good care of himself/herself first. Do your best to be healthy in mind, body, and spirit. This article only focuses on body/physical aspect particularly the face.Maybe when I get another chance, I can share my insights about taking care of the mind and the spirit.

As a full time home maker, this is very important to me, to look my best.  Yes I do not go to an office or to a work place but this is not an excuse for me not to pay attention on the physical beauty. I do not mean being fancy fashionable or spending a lot to look gorgeous.  This is about basic beauty.

The face is one important part of our body. I want to pay attention to the face because it is simpler than talking about how to stay fit or watching over the weight. I personally am working on this factor. It is just alarming to see my weight when I checked the scale. So this is a different challenge. Maybe I will write about it someday.  So let us focus on skin care. Truly, we have to look and buy  products to help us achieve a healthy looking glowing face. But to thrift shoppers like me, do not worry. There are affordable products out there that are effective too.

I have always been a thrift shopper. Even if I can afford to buy more expensive things, I will not. I do not feel comfortable spending my money too much. I am happier if I think I find affordable or cheaper products that work for me.  I have nothing against people who really spend on very pricey things. Each of us is different. Maybe the way that someone was brought up is a big factor on this. My Dad was a lawyer and he was very generous when it comes to expenses that has something to do with school or food, but with beauty, fashion and other things, he was not. We had to save or work for those “wants”. He emphasized the “needs”.  Anyways, I just wanted to share some good products for those women who are like me. And if they have suggestions too, I would love to hear it. You know coming up with your beauty products takes some experimenting. You need to observe if the product works for you.  It is a trial and error. Once you find them, you can create your beauty regimen. I recently read the book, “Make Up” by Michelle Phan.  Michelle is a Youtube celebrity who is a make up demonstrator. I was very interested in her skin care section. At first when I read it, I realized taking care of the face is a lot of work. She was talking about skin routine: Cleansing, Sun Protection, Retinoid Cream, Serum, Moisturizer and Eye Cream. It looked like I need to buy a lot of products just for the face! So there was a thrift mom alert inside of me. My shopping cart is usually filled with kiddie products (Goldfish, Lucky Charms, Gogurt and you know what I mean). So I just read her book and picked up what I think I would need for myself. I reviewed my face beauty products and realized that I can do what Michelle Phan advised with less than $50.00.

1. Cleansing – To keep a healthy skin, it is very basic to keep it clean. Wash it in the morning and before going to bed. I use Olay Age Defying Classic Cleanser ($3.99). If my face is breaking out, I use Clearasil (around $5 bucks) very helpful.

2. Sunscreen – Using a special product to protect the skin from the sun is very important. My mom kept on saying to use sunblock or sunscreen since I was a young girl but I only took it seriously when I started to see freckles on my face. For this concern, I use Neutrogena Age Shield Face Sunscreen ($9.99). The higher SPF the better protection for the face. I use the sunscreen first so the skin will absorb it for more protection.

3. For the eyes, I use Neutorgena Eye Cream ($9.99). Obviously this is one of the areas that shows early sign of aging!

4. Moisturize- I use Olay Total Effects 7 in One moisturizer + Serum with Sunscreen ($14.39). If I refer to Michelle Phan’s advise (Sun Protection, Retinoid Cream, Serum, Moisturizer and Eye Cream) with one product I am already able to address the needs for some of them. Do not forget to also apply on your neck.

4. Lastly, I use NYC BB Cream 5 in 1 ($3.59) as a foundation. It says this helps us to minimize pores and fine lines- Brightens skin and beautifies skin. I either just start my day with this or put a little make up (to be written next time).

Basically this is my basic, simple face routine. I have to admit I am not so strict with it. I just do my best to remember to take care of my face before dropping my kid to school, doing errands like grocery, cooking, laundry or cleaning the house. I just know if I look good, I feel good, and it makes me happy. I just want to quote Michelle Phan. “Do not let material things define who you are. The true you is reflected by your intelligence, your character, your personality and your actions. These are things that money can’t buy and that never go out of fashion.”

We are all and beautiful as we are! Have a blessed day everyone!

My First Blog

I have always wanted to write, but could not find a time. There are so many reasons why I am hindered from doing so. First, I am hesitant since I did not get a formal training in writing. I am not sure if I can. I do not know what to write or how to begin. But inside of me, I have always felt the need to do so, and the satisfaction it brings. I do not know if my passion lies in here. So I have to find out. Since I was a child I have been fond of keeping a little diary or journal. I think writing  is a part of me. It has helped me survive and appreciate my life.  I just do not know where this blogging will lead me. I believe writing will help with  self expression, introspection, and soul searching.

My second reason for the delay to write is that I am always busy with everyday routine. I have been a stay at home mother since November 2010, and I have focused myself on my children, the home, the family. I am actually writing now while my little one is taking a nap!  I used to have a career,  but after having children, I chose a different path. I say that from my personal experience, being a full time mother is more rewarding and challenging in different ways. I am not saying this is true for other people.  We are all different. And I am speaking for myself. With all the changes, in the midst of  the daily routine, sometimes I get the feeling that I have lost something. I am not regretting any of my choice and it is nobody’s fault. I just  believe that there comes a point when you start to search for your passion. Right now I am reading a book entitled “I am that girl” by Alexis Jones. It says that “Clues to your passion are always around you….You’ll only find your passion if you search and fight to discover it.”

I hope this blogging will help me find my passion and realize something beautiful. I hope I can also inspire other people and learn from them as well. We are all here for a purpose, definitely we can learn from each others’ experiences.