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My First Blog

I have always wanted to write, but could not find a time. There are so many reasons why I am hindered from doing so. First, I am hesitant since I did not get a formal training in writing. I am not sure if I can. I do not know what to write or how to begin. But inside of me, I have always felt the need to do so, and the satisfaction it brings. I do not know if my passion lies in here. So I have to find out. Since I was a child I have been fond of keeping a little diary or journal. I think writing  is a part of me. It has helped me survive and appreciate my life.  I just do not know where this blogging will lead me. I believe writing will help with  self expression, introspection, and soul searching.

My second reason for the delay to write is that I am always busy with everyday routine. I have been a stay at home mother since November 2010, and I have focused myself on my children, the home, the family. I am actually writing now while my little one is taking a nap!  I used to have a career,  but after having children, I chose a different path. I say that from my personal experience, being a full time mother is more rewarding and challenging in different ways. I am not saying this is true for other people.  We are all different. And I am speaking for myself. With all the changes, in the midst of  the daily routine, sometimes I get the feeling that I have lost something. I am not regretting any of my choice and it is nobody’s fault. I just  believe that there comes a point when you start to search for your passion. Right now I am reading a book entitled “I am that girl” by Alexis Jones. It says that “Clues to your passion are always around you….You’ll only find your passion if you search and fight to discover it.”

I hope this blogging will help me find my passion and realize something beautiful. I hope I can also inspire other people and learn from them as well. We are all here for a purpose, definitely we can learn from each others’ experiences.


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