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Beauty On Budget


Being busy  is not an excuse to look exhausted or unhealthy. Before anyone can take care of others, I believe it is right that he or she should take good care of himself/herself first. Do your best to be healthy in mind, body, and spirit. This article only focuses on body/physical aspect particularly the face.Maybe when I get another chance, I can share my insights about taking care of the mind and the spirit.

As a full time home maker, this is very important to me, to look my best.  Yes I do not go to an office or to a work place but this is not an excuse for me not to pay attention on the physical beauty. I do not mean being fancy fashionable or spending a lot to look gorgeous.  This is about basic beauty.

The face is one important part of our body. I want to pay attention to the face because it is simpler than talking about how to stay fit or watching over the weight. I personally am working on this factor. It is just alarming to see my weight when I checked the scale. So this is a different challenge. Maybe I will write about it someday.  So let us focus on skin care. Truly, we have to look and buy  products to help us achieve a healthy looking glowing face. But to thrift shoppers like me, do not worry. There are affordable products out there that are effective too.

I have always been a thrift shopper. Even if I can afford to buy more expensive things, I will not. I do not feel comfortable spending my money too much. I am happier if I think I find affordable or cheaper products that work for me.  I have nothing against people who really spend on very pricey things. Each of us is different. Maybe the way that someone was brought up is a big factor on this. My Dad was a lawyer and he was very generous when it comes to expenses that has something to do with school or food, but with beauty, fashion and other things, he was not. We had to save or work for those “wants”. He emphasized the “needs”.  Anyways, I just wanted to share some good products for those women who are like me. And if they have suggestions too, I would love to hear it. You know coming up with your beauty products takes some experimenting. You need to observe if the product works for you.  It is a trial and error. Once you find them, you can create your beauty regimen. I recently read the book, “Make Up” by Michelle Phan.  Michelle is a Youtube celebrity who is a make up demonstrator. I was very interested in her skin care section. At first when I read it, I realized taking care of the face is a lot of work. She was talking about skin routine: Cleansing, Sun Protection, Retinoid Cream, Serum, Moisturizer and Eye Cream. It looked like I need to buy a lot of products just for the face! So there was a thrift mom alert inside of me. My shopping cart is usually filled with kiddie products (Goldfish, Lucky Charms, Gogurt and you know what I mean). So I just read her book and picked up what I think I would need for myself. I reviewed my face beauty products and realized that I can do what Michelle Phan advised with less than $50.00.

1. Cleansing – To keep a healthy skin, it is very basic to keep it clean. Wash it in the morning and before going to bed. I use Olay Age Defying Classic Cleanser ($3.99). If my face is breaking out, I use Clearasil (around $5 bucks) very helpful.

2. Sunscreen – Using a special product to protect the skin from the sun is very important. My mom kept on saying to use sunblock or sunscreen since I was a young girl but I only took it seriously when I started to see freckles on my face. For this concern, I use Neutrogena Age Shield Face Sunscreen ($9.99). The higher SPF the better protection for the face. I use the sunscreen first so the skin will absorb it for more protection.

3. For the eyes, I use Neutorgena Eye Cream ($9.99). Obviously this is one of the areas that shows early sign of aging!

4. Moisturize- I use Olay Total Effects 7 in One moisturizer + Serum with Sunscreen ($14.39). If I refer to Michelle Phan’s advise (Sun Protection, Retinoid Cream, Serum, Moisturizer and Eye Cream) with one product I am already able to address the needs for some of them. Do not forget to also apply on your neck.

4. Lastly, I use NYC BB Cream 5 in 1 ($3.59) as a foundation. It says this helps us to minimize pores and fine lines- Brightens skin and beautifies skin. I either just start my day with this or put a little make up (to be written next time).

Basically this is my basic, simple face routine. I have to admit I am not so strict with it. I just do my best to remember to take care of my face before dropping my kid to school, doing errands like grocery, cooking, laundry or cleaning the house. I just know if I look good, I feel good, and it makes me happy. I just want to quote Michelle Phan. “Do not let material things define who you are. The true you is reflected by your intelligence, your character, your personality and your actions. These are things that money can’t buy and that never go out of fashion.”

We are all and beautiful as we are! Have a blessed day everyone!


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