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Where To Bring Kids (Mom from LA County)

Building happy memories for my children and capturing them through photos and writing are one of the most important roles I have right now.

As parents, we can do a lot of things to build long lasting happy memories for our children. One of those is taking time to bring them places. We do not need to be grand. You do not have to go on long drives or expensive vacations. Just check the places around you.

1. Parks

Parks have always been our favorite especially during Spring and Autumn (since it is not too cold or too hot). This is the place where the kids can run, play, spend their energy. Some of my favorite parks are Wilson Park in Torrance CA, Heritage Park and Liberty Parks in Cerritos CA.

2. Libraries with Play Area

As we instill the love of reading to our kids, they also get to socialize with other kids. This is good especially for toddlers and preschoolers.The structured story telling time, singing and dancing can help  them prepare for school.

I remember bringing my son regularly to the story times and other activities sponsored by the library since he was 2 1/2. This was the place where we met our long time friends now.  I loved the Carson Public Library. They had really good teachers back then. At present, we often visit the George Nye Library in Lakewood. They have lots of toys kids can enjoy.

2. Indoor Places

Unlike in parks where I have to run after the kids all the time, in indoor places I can be more relaxed. One of my favorites (because they are clean and not usually crowded) are:

2.1 McDonalds in Carson CA (along Avalon Boulevard) and McDonalds in La Palma (along Orangethorpe


2.2 Burger King in Cerritos CA (along South Street)

2.3 Chuck E Cheese in Cerritos CA (along 183rd Street)

2.4 Chick-Fil-A in Long Beach Town Center – We have not visited this place yet but I hear a lot of good


2.5 Kids Concepts USA in Torrance CA – I used to bring my son here a lot when he was growing up. They have different areas for little kids and big kids.

2.6 Jumping Fun Kids in Buena Park CA (Business website jumpingfunkids.net) -Just opened in July 2014. We just went there one time and I really love the place. We will definitely visit again. There are different jumpers  and lots of toys. I loved the clean couches everywhere. Just sit back while the kids have a blast!

3. The day after Christmas, my kids had an amazing experience. They visited the Montebello Barnyard Zoo. The place provides pony rides, train rides, petting zoo, picnic area, playground, kids birthday party areas, and a traveling zoo.




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