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Now I Know Why I am not FAMOUS

I have to admit. I used to fantasize being rich and famous. I want to have a lot of perks and travel the world. I was asking myself, why did God put me in here? I look at the celebrities’ posts on Instagram. Flashy! Fancy! I know this actress from the Philippines, whenever she posts pictures, she is “luxurious” from head to toe, from clothes, shoes, purse, accessories. Different purses everyday (Hermes, Prada, name it she has it). Then I suddenly realize, materialistic. Am I entertaining these thoughts in my head? Oh no, materialistic. I have always been a thrift shopper. Why would I need these things? I only buy things that I need. I do not need these super expensive stuff  to bring my kids to school or golf class. I do not need to carry pricey handbags to go to Target or Ralph’s. I do not need all these things. I have everything that I need in my life right now. I do not own clothes, shoes or bags worth thousands of dollars, I am not always in fashion,  but I feel happy, pretty, and stylish. I pray that my kids will not be enslaved by material possessions. These worldly things should not define them or their happiness.

Lastly, as I look at the instagram posts of some celebrities, I learned about “bashers”. I think that is the disadvantage of being famous. People/Strangers can be so judgmental, saying bad/hurtful things, and some can be really very mean. There are stalkers too. Then I imagine, their life can be stressful too.

I love my peaceful life. I am sensitive. I am a cry baby. I tend to be anxious. I am more fun as a mommy. Now I know why God put me here. This is my place. I am happy!!!


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