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I completely agree!

The Incidental Scribe

Cut any comments about being in pain, feeling depressed or having a hard time.
Paste in stories about partying with friends, helping your family or making some small achievements.
Delete all mentions of fighting a chronic pain condition, dealing with personality disorders and trying to get your life on track.
Because no one wants to read those sad and boring details that they can’t do anything about.

Cut out all pictures of you without make up on or the ones in bad lighting.
Paste sexy selfies, funny situations and filtered shots.
Delete any pictures that show your flaws, aren’t touched up or seem too natural.
Because we can’t have bad skin or normal shots as that would make us seem less attractive.

Cut any opinions that could be considered controversial, different or original.
Paste fake opinions that go along with what the majority of society thinks.
Delete any ideas that…

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