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What the US Has Taught Me

I was born and raised in Cavite (a province 30 minutes to 1 hour from Manila – depends on the flow of traffic). Our father was a lawyer and he worked in a prestigious government office. We had a decent life. My brother, sister and I went to “exclusive” schools when we were in high school and went to reputable Universities. When we moved to our father’s house, I remember growing up with people who helped us around the house. Someone was helping in preparing food,  washing our dishes, doing the laundry, ironing the clothes, folding the clothes,  and putting them in our dresser/cabinets. Someone was sweeping the floor, mopping it, and waxing it. There was even a time when I remember we had a good driver who helped us go places.In the Philippines it seems usual to have helpers at least when you belong in the middle class. Even if we had the help, my father and mother did not forget to teach us how to be responsible. We tried to help in our own little ways.

When I moved here in the US, it was quite an adjustment. Here, we have to do things on our own. There was no help. I learned so many things. After I got married, I learned how to cook (my hubby would always say my cooking is perfect!), do the laundry (& folding), iron clothes, sweep or vacuum & mop floors, clean the bathrooms, do the groceries, drive the kids to school and to their activities. Clearly, I became domesticated and independent. Whenever I would go visit my family in the Philippines, I know I have changed. It feels a little weird to be helped with things I normally do everyday. I feel so capable and I am happy with what I have become. Of course there are a lot of things moving here in the US has taught me. There are a lot of things we learn in life as we come of age. We actually never stop learning as long as we live!

Have a wonderful day everyone!

2 thoughts on “What the US Has Taught Me

  1. I learned to be independent since i was high school after my father’s business collapsed. At first I dont understand why but I am thankaful for that experience because it teaches me how to live on my own and make a practical and wise decision. Cheers!

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