On Wealth And Money

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In this world we are living in, we need money to survive and live happily. That is a reality. As long as you will not deliberately cause harm on anybody just to have money. That is then considered greed and evil. So continue to work hard, save your money, provide for the family, for yourself, for the future.

Irrational Living


Wealth…there’s a highly debated topic. Recently I had someone on YouTube tell me that it was a shame that our society is so obsessed with money, and that success shouldn’t have anything to do with wealth.

And then I thought about that. And I think that’s ridiculous.

Here’s why: first of all, money allows us comfort. Money allows us to live the lives we want, and it lets us provide for our families and give them what they deserve. I agree that it can be used unwisely and selfishly, but…hate the players, not the game (that’s supposed to be the other way around, isn’t it?). I mean, professional baseball players take steroids, but you don’t hate the game because of it if you’ve been a fan all your life. Money allows you to live a good life and do the things you want to do.

Secondly, and this is very…

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Signing Off

I wish I have more time to write and read your blogs.

I promise I will devote a day to just reading

Keep writing

I can not wait to hear your thoughts and feelings

To learn new things

To see the other side of the world

To realize that I am not alone

That we are going through the same things

For we are humans

You are all my brothers and sisters

We are all pilgrims in this journey of life

Be happy and celebrate being alive!

Carry on : )

Best Versus Beast

Random thoughts when I was walking on my treadmill.

Some people bring out the BEST in you.

Some people bring out the BEAST in you.

Best versus Beast

Do you know what I mean?

When I look back and think that for a very long time I suffered

Either caused by my own mind or by a culprit or a true source

I never understood why I had to be in that situation

As a Christian, I just viewed it as my cross

That everything has a reason

That darkness too shall pass

It tested me to the limits and I am not sure if it already broke me

The negative emotions made me sin in my mind, heart, words, and soul

Then I felt like a very sinful being feeling frustrated, hatred, anger,

I grew to dislike myself and I have never been so bad in my life

All those times, I felt not close to God

Everyday I can’t help but notice darkness and ugliness

I fought it because there was still beauty and graces around

I felt so trapped in a murky muddy place

But it does not matter now for  You have liberated me

They say everything happens for a reason

And it will eventually make you a stronger and better person

I still have to figure that out

All I know is I have become more appreciative of my everyday

Each day I rejoice and I see beauty

And I savor a peaceful mind, a peaceful heart, and peaceful life.

The Day Begins

I heard the birds sing this morning. I always hear them at around six. They sing in chorus and the song gets louder. Everyday, it feels like they are waking us up and  rejoicing for another day has come.

My heart leaps for joy knowing that I am alive. I try to open my eyes. My mind is a blank slate. It takes a while for me to remember what day it is. It takes some processing to figure out what to do, does my son go to school? Is my husband going to work  or is it a weekend and there is no need to rush? Before I get up:

Dear God, thank you

For the sunrise

For the strength and the health to live another day

For keeping everyone safe through the night

For the restful sleep

For this busy day

For the quiet moments

For the hopes, plans, dreams, and inspiration

For the realizations and all other things in my head

For my family and friends

For myself

Please bless us and keep us all under your loving care

Under Your loving protection

Bless us with a beautiful day


Then I rush to the washroom and work in my kitchen. My day begins.

Happy Monday, have a blessed Holy Week, Restful Vacation, Wonderful Week!

You and Me, Are We Different?

We are born into this world. We see that people come in different race, color, gender, culture, status, and social class. Some are born lucky or blessed, and some are not. Whether this is physically, psychologically, emotionally, or financially. Some are rich and famous, they can travel the world. Some are happy just to get by each day. Some are able to change their lives into a better one. Some are just trapped where they are.  If we will look at it, in life there is inequality. Some are not fair. Then we struggle to deal with these differences. Some wholeheartedly accept their fate.

In the eyes of the Creator, of God, of a great power, the Source, there is no difference at all. Everybody is equal. No rich, no poor. No black, white, or brown skinned. No ugly, no beautiful. No winner, no loser. No one is superior, no one is inferior. You do not have to try harder. We were all born into this world. We were all naked. We all need to eat to survive. We all defecate. We experience happiness, sadness, anger, pain, and other kinds of emotions. We all have a dream. We all have problems. We need to love and be loved. We live our lives to surpass any challenge and to savor each accomplishment. We all want to be happy and healthy. We are all passers by in this world. You are lucky if you will live a 100 years. We will all die and we can not bring anything or anyone with us. We are alone once again. The beginning has its end.


Photo credit: Facebook image http://www.different-together.co.uk/

My Perfect Guy

She held a piece of paper in her hand. It was a prayer about finding the perfect husband. As she closed her eyes, she solemnly said the prayer everyday. Sometimes more than once a day.  The prayer mentioned some good qualities of a good husband. She met some good men but she knew they were not the one. When he came, she knew right away. Was it the prayer? The universe conspired with her. She was blessed to meet the guy perfect for her, and she married him.


He has always been calm and gentle, very slow to anger (or rarely gets upset or mad). She tends to be temperamental.

He is always focused. Her minds wander a lot.

He is care free. She tends to be a worrier.

He has always been rational. She tends to be emotional.

He is reserved. She is more expressive.

He is not so domesticated. He does not mind if the bed is not made. She always makes sure the house is clean, organized, and beautiful. It bothers her if she sees a mess.

He likes outdoors especially gardening. She prefers indoors and cooking.

He is a certified bookworm. She reads depending on mood or interest.

He is into finance and sports magazines. She is not interested in them at all.

She loses things, he always finds them.

Maybe they have a point when they say opposites attract? But it is more of complementing each other.

Both of them are more introverts. They both enjoy families and friends around but love their privacy more.

They are more home buddies. They love staying home and playing with the children .

They love watching their favorite TV shows and movies after putting the kids to sleep while snacking.

Both of them see that their children, next to their marriage is their top priority.



(Dedicated to my husband who is celebrating his birthday soon in April. Also for our upcoming 8th Wedding Anniversary)


Good morning!

I just wanted to share this. I got it from daily bible verse, which I follow from Instagram.

Have a good day!

Attitude is a good way to show God to others. Your attitude includes your manners, your outlook on life, your feelings, your ways of behaving, your mind set, etc. When we have a good attitude, it is easier for God to use us and work in us. We can be encouragers and motivators to those around us. But when we have a bad attitude, we can see sin coming in to take over our thoughts, feelings, and outlook on life. Our attitude can help us deal with problems. We can let bad things bring us down or we can let them make us better. We can master our attitude or be controlled by the attitude of others. With Jesus we can renew our attitudes and be a showcase for Him in the world.

Scripture: Philippians 2:14-15, 4:8-9, Proverbs 17:22, Colossians 3:17, Ephesians 4:23

Hold Your Tongue

Frustrating. Disgusting.

Pardon my tongue

For this is not the usual inspiring words I utter

Anger or dislike is another emotion we deal with as we are alive

I acknowledge it as happiness, love, and sadness.

Just one piece I would like to say

One can not live in peace with meddling tongues

Why can not people just mind their own business?

Or be a peacemaker instead?

There can never be peace

When there are people who think themselves as better than others

More righteous, who knows better, who knows it all.

Shame on you! You who never sinned and never quarrelled!

Who is so pure and true.

So easy to make judgments, gossips,

Think and speak ill of others?

Taking sides without hearing the other

Do you think heaven is at your side?

Karma or God’s judgment will be realized soon!

I hold my cursing and ill speaking tongue for I am not like you

There could have been a meek heart if there was an effort to ask,  listen and understand

I guess it is not right to expect others to think and behave like you do

Different does not mean you are better

May you find peace in each of your day

People who truly love and care

Aspire to bridge and not divide

Listens and desires not to foster anger

May you find peace in your days

You who never sinned, who never quarelled!