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Blogging For My Kids

I was doing my daily walk on the treadmill.  I realized something. Why do I blog? Why do I write? Aside from the reason that blogging helps me in many ways, I want to preserve my stories and memories. Certainly words will live longer than me. Words can last for eternity. I pray that this blogging site (wordpress.com) will be here forever and that it will care/preserve our life stories.

What is going on in my mind and my heart.  I want my children to gain insights and be aware and enlightened of their existence. Of how it is like to live, be human, and be happy. I want them to see how much they were loved and cared for and I treasure every memory I have with them.

Kids, if you read this sometime in the future, this is how our usual day is:

  • Busy Day. Chores. School.
  • As we do homework, my little girl awaits for her Dad peeping out the window. The excitement on her face as her Dad’s car parks outside.
  • Sometimes I complain that my kids are too noisy. They exhaust me with their needs and demands. Then in my heart, I realize, they will grow up soon. Everything will be different. I end up saying, I do not mind being tired and my patience being tried. I wish time will slow down and they can be 2 and 6 year old children who always love to be with their Daddy and Mommy.
  • Family dinner. My son will often rate my cooking. Just like how they do it in school, I can get these rates * Star Cooking * Happy Face * Needs Improvement. I always get a Star from him!
  • Routine before bedtime. Brush your teeth, pee, say a prayer. Before the prayer, it is an endless playing on the bed with Daddy.  I usually set a time (which always gets postponed) for “calming down” and lying down. I like how it suddenly gets quiet when finally they fall asleep.
  • TV time (Hulu Plus)  with my hubby as we munch on our snacks! Sometimes with a beer or wine but usually with a diet soda. I can not count how many movies/shows we have watched every date night. Sitting side by side with him and cuddling is indeed my favorite!
  • I do not know if my life is really exciting. I do no get to travel and have adventures. But I feel happy. I am happy. Just thinking about these people I love: my husband, my children, my parents, my siblings, and all my friends all over the world…

          Why do you blog?  :- )

4 thoughts on “Blogging For My Kids

  1. Writing trains my mind to be positive. I try hard to cultivate this attitude. I easily get scared and anxious too. I try to fight it. Writing helps. And yes continue to get your thoughts out there. I am sure it helps other people too! Good night : )


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