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You Know I’m Human Too

I usually have a sunny disposition. At least I try to. I like to spread the good vibes to others too. It makes me feel happy to make others happy. Because we deserve it, right? Focusing on the good is a good habit to happiness.

Please do not forget, it is also fine if sometimes it does not feel sunny at all. Remember, it is part of being human. You can blame it on mood swings, on hormones and other things. Mind you, I am no expert on this. I am also reminding myself RIGHT NOW.

This is the time I feel a little tired. Maybe physically or emotionally? I am not so sure. I think it is the hormones. Emotions tend to be a roller coaster ride. This is a time when I honestly just want to have a hair cut, change the color of my hair, or do some shopping online (still on the clearance or sale section!) The baby is napping. I have one hour. Oh, it took time to put her to sleep. Moreover, I was feeling upset too since I got into a little “argument” with my son this morning. You know how it is like to be so busy in the morning getting everybody ready for work, for school, getting everyone’s breakfast ready? Then my son waking up in a very bad mood then never stopped whining and giving me attitude? So I regret that I dropped him off to school without a goodbye kiss or a “have a great day.” Maybe this is the root of the mood? I will see him in three hours though. By that time I know I will be calm and ready. For now,  I have an hour to finish this blog and get myself ready. I will definitely try to relax so I will be recharged. Talk to God and ask for patience and love. I will enjoy my pancit and root beer. I may walk longer than the usual on the treadmill. I will get ready for the challenge. Then feel so much better.

I hope your day is going well. If it is not, it will be later!

6 thoughts on “You Know I’m Human Too

    • 😦 oh thanks ChrisB. Moods. Oh well, thank you for the comforting words. I will try to come back later. You mentioned before in your blog, maybe I need exercise. So I will try to walk now. See you later!!!! (and drink my favorite root beer first! 🙂 ) Thanks again. You have a sunny day!!!!


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