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Stop Taking Yourself So Seriously

Don Charisma

There is one thing that’s certain in life, and it’s the same for all of us – one day we will die.

All those things we hold so near and dear, take so personally, are they are “worth it” ? My experience has been largely not, most of the things we take far too seriously aren’t really that important at all.

Golden Sunset - by Don Charisma Golden Sunset – by Don Charisma

Of course there’s a need to maintain decorum and have respect for ourselves and others … well at least for those of us who do actually care about others – but is it really necessary to wear that long face when you think no one else is looking ?

A smile across the bus to a stranger might make someone’s day, it has mine more than once and I’ve seen plenty of others light up when I’ve smiled randomly at them)… if not then…

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