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A Visit In My Dream

When I was growing up, we used to regularly meet with a  Chinese Family. They were very good friends with my father. We visited their home somewhere in Manila. Similarly, they also came to our house every end of December. I do not remember but somehow the dates were significant to them and my father. They were very generous all the time. They always gave me and my siblings red envelopes or hongbao.  This is a monetary gift which is given during holidays or special occasions. Robert, the head of their family, was my brother’s godfather. I believe he passed away around 9 months ago when my father was sick in the hospital.

It is a strange thing and it often happens to me. How can I dream of deceased people when I do not even think of them or I do not even remember them? Last night, I had a dream about Robert. He gave me a hongbao. He was showing me some notes on the notebook. He even gave me a flute! I used to play the flute in high school through college. How did I dream about this? I told my husband about it and he said it is just the subconscious working. He is from the medical field so he tends to be skeptical or scientific about things. But me?… whenever I dream about souls, people who passed away, souls I do not even think about, I believe that they really come to visit, they are trying to saying something, or asking for prayers. When I opened my eyes, I prayed for him. I still do. It was indeed a surprise visit.  A lot of thoughts come by, about life, living, being alive, dying, death, and prayers… Death looks like part of the natural cycle of life, yet it is not easy to comprehend and accept (unlike having a new born child). Oh well… Did you ever experience something like this? Please share your thoughts. It can be scientific explanation or something else.


6 thoughts on “A Visit In My Dream

  1. I believe that people who have departed come to you while your sleeping, there they can let you “dream” and see them, touch them, talk to them, they often use this method to help you with something or to tell you that there is something that needs to be done, either for them or for you, they come to comfort you and let you know that you are loved.

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      • they are probably letting you know they are okay and healthy, letting you know that life continues long after the body has died , there way of comforting you and reassuring you that your prayers are being heard and answered and appreciated.

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      • Maybe that’s right Butchcountry67… Questions about after life has been in my head for a long time. And recently, these souls, I dream about them. I have the feeling that they are trying to show me that there is an after life. Good to know that. But still I want to live until I am over 90 years old. And all the people I love and care about. I will have to get used to the thought of “it”. It seems really scary. I will try to deal with it. Thank you for your time. I pray that all of us especially those who write will be enlightened and strengthened. God bless you!


  2. I have a different notion. I believe people who have passed away don’t have an afterlife. The one’s which most people call to “go to heaven”, are memories. All the good people go to memories, and I would say your dream relates highly to it.
    I don’t really know, but maybe your mind realised that it needed THIS. A reminder of red envelopes, and all good things which you seem to forget.

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    • Thank you for sharing your opinion. But my question is, I really didn’t get attached to them personally or emotionally. Those / They were just memories to me, part of my past. But who knows how the brain works huh? Too many mysteries : )

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