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Beyond What You See

Will be wrinkled someday

Will be old

Will soon depart this world

Turn into ashes

No exception for anyone…

So remember, not to be enslaved

By physical beauty

By power and fame….

Nothing is wrong if you aspire for more

To seek improvement

And be at your best

Be beautiful, be fashionable

Have the things you like to possess

But do not be enslaved

By worldly matters….

There is more beyond that

All icing on the cake

So enticing and inviting

Take a look and taste the inside

See beyond what your eyes can see

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9 thoughts on “Beyond What You See

  1. hey,
    I don’t know where to start!
    I loved the way you started the poem giving it flow and msking it serious and intense with the passage of lines.
    It was so intense, I can hear my heart beat thinking what I wasted because I will also die and I regret certain things.
    Thanks for msking me realise:)
    Last thing- no picture could be more perfect for this poem:)

    Liked by 1 person

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