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My Perfect Guy

She held a piece of paper in her hand. It was a prayer about finding the perfect husband. As she closed her eyes, she solemnly said the prayer everyday. Sometimes more than once a day.  The prayer mentioned some good qualities of a good husband. She met some good men but she knew they were not the one. When he came, she knew right away. Was it the prayer? The universe conspired with her. She was blessed to meet the guy perfect for her, and she married him.


He has always been calm and gentle, very slow to anger (or rarely gets upset or mad). She tends to be temperamental.

He is always focused. Her minds wander a lot.

He is care free. She tends to be a worrier.

He has always been rational. She tends to be emotional.

He is reserved. She is more expressive.

He is not so domesticated. He does not mind if the bed is not made. She always makes sure the house is clean, organized, and beautiful. It bothers her if she sees a mess.

He likes outdoors especially gardening. She prefers indoors and cooking.

He is a certified bookworm. She reads depending on mood or interest.

He is into finance and sports magazines. She is not interested in them at all.

She loses things, he always finds them.

Maybe they have a point when they say opposites attract? But it is more of complementing each other.

Both of them are more introverts. They both enjoy families and friends around but love their privacy more.

They are more home buddies. They love staying home and playing with the children .

They love watching their favorite TV shows and movies after putting the kids to sleep while snacking.

Both of them see that their children, next to their marriage is their top priority.



(Dedicated to my husband who is celebrating his birthday soon in April. Also for our upcoming 8th Wedding Anniversary)

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