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You and Me, Are We Different?

We are born into this world. We see that people come in different race, color, gender, culture, status, and social class. Some are born lucky or blessed, and some are not. Whether this is physically, psychologically, emotionally, or financially. Some are rich and famous, they can travel the world. Some are happy just to get by each day. Some are able to change their lives into a better one. Some are just trapped where they are.  If we will look at it, in life there is inequality. Some are not fair. Then we struggle to deal with these differences. Some wholeheartedly accept their fate.

In the eyes of the Creator, of God, of a great power, the Source, there is no difference at all. Everybody is equal. No rich, no poor. No black, white, or brown skinned. No ugly, no beautiful. No winner, no loser. No one is superior, no one is inferior. You do not have to try harder. We were all born into this world. We were all naked. We all need to eat to survive. We all defecate. We experience happiness, sadness, anger, pain, and other kinds of emotions. We all have a dream. We all have problems. We need to love and be loved. We live our lives to surpass any challenge and to savor each accomplishment. We all want to be happy and healthy. We are all passers by in this world. You are lucky if you will live a 100 years. We will all die and we can not bring anything or anyone with us. We are alone once again. The beginning has its end.


Photo credit: Facebook image http://www.different-together.co.uk/

5 thoughts on “You and Me, Are We Different?

  1. i liked the post except the fact that you said some are lucky.
    well i believe the harder you work , the luckier you get
    people like steve jobs , bill gates, eminem did not get lucky just like that . they followed their passion and worked towards living their dreams day and night .
    but rest of the post has a beautiful message to the world
    simply superb

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    • Thanks theonlysup. What I was trying to imply there is some are born into very poor families and some are born rich. But you are definitely right. I should add that thought in the blog. Great point. I did not mean to overlook at hardworking people : )

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  2. “The world is not my home I am just passing through.’ – Tom Waits
    ” All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others” – Orwell
    When it comes to fair/unfair and your world view (everybody being equal) I would recommend reading the Tao Te Ching. Keep on blogging in a free world and have a prophet-able day – The False Prophet

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  3. I get your point 🙂 To me I find differences beautiful and I embrace them. I don’t think we can ever be equal and it has proven by what have happened naturally with the human race so far. There are things that are engraved in our DNA, our brains and how our cognitive systems work to survive and thrive till this day. Even in other spices, there are hardly equals. Though, we can treat each other equally and I think it’s what we should aim/are aiming for with all the equal rights movements.



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