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Best Versus Beast

Random thoughts when I was walking on my treadmill.

Some people bring out the BEST in you.

Some people bring out the BEAST in you.

Best versus Beast

Do you know what I mean?

When I look back and think that for a very long time I suffered

Either caused by my own mind or by a culprit or a true source

I never understood why I had to be in that situation

As a Christian, I just viewed it as my cross

That everything has a reason

That darkness too shall pass

It tested me to the limits and I am not sure if it already broke me

The negative emotions made me sin in my mind, heart, words, and soul

Then I felt like a very sinful being feeling frustrated, hatred, anger,

I grew to dislike myself and I have never been so bad in my life

All those times, I felt not close to God

Everyday I can’t help but notice darkness and ugliness

I fought it because there was still beauty and graces around

I felt so trapped in a murky muddy place

But it does not matter now for  You have liberated me

They say everything happens for a reason

And it will eventually make you a stronger and better person

I still have to figure that out

All I know is I have become more appreciative of my everyday

Each day I rejoice and I see beauty

And I savor a peaceful mind, a peaceful heart, and peaceful life.

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