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When You Are Feeling DOWN

Not one of those good days?

Say to yourself:

“It is okay…it is part of being alive.”

We all go through it.

It is a cycle of life.

It is good to recognize and be aware of your feelings

We have to bear with it and keep moving.

We can not be perfectly happy each day.

But we do not have to be miserable.

We should be wise, know how to fight and deal with it.

Events and people are not simple. They are complex.

They can be complicated.

Life can be complicated.

Feeling anxious?

It is sickening inside. Something feels weird in your chest,

In your breathing.

It distracts your thoughts and focus

It pulls the spirit down.

And you know you have to fight it.

We carry on.

We continue to do the things we do

Although there is a feeling of heaviness inside.

We vent out to a loved one, to a friend or write about it.

We also pray to cast our burdens on the Lord

We train our minds to focus on something else

And learn how not to dwell on the ugly

I wish I can shield my children from feeling these unpleasant emotions.

I love them so much that it is heart breaking just to imagine them hurt, sad, worried, or anxious.

But what can a mother do?

We bring them up into this world and later on be subjected to pain, sadness, fear.

There is no avoiding them.

And this is the reality.

I have toย  prepare them and equip them. So they will thrive and survive.

Learn how to go with the waves, keep their calm so they won’t drown.

Then keep swimming again.

Nothing in this life is permanent. Not even the unpleasant emotions or situations.

Later on, before you know it, you are already feeling happy.

Do not waste your time and life on people you think not worthy of attention

Do not over think (my personality, so I always get myself in trouble)!

This is the reality I just learned that we can not make everybody happy all the time

And We do not have to!

Do not waste your time and life dwelling on feelings that can ruin your day

You have to know what to do, what to think, what to believe in

Especially on times when you are feeling down…

23 thoughts on “When You Are Feeling DOWN

    • happy!!! thank you!!! I was really feeling down earlier/last night and i had to hang in there. and true enough i feel better and happy now. we just have to go through it. and as i write, I am learning. awareness. knowing how to deal with it. finding support from people…. oh my i am talking a lot. I just want to say THANK YOU. I am happy you enjoyed it. Enjoy your day!!!

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    • I just try my best. Gotta learn how to deal with tricky feelings, tricky life. I tend to over think, please everyone, get easily affected by things and people so I have to guard myself. Contemplating and writing help a lot. Thank you for stopping by!!!


  1. It’s important to let your children know bad emotions are okay and normal. Going through therapy for borderline personality disorder one of the big things we work on is recognizing what we are feeling and learning how to deal with that emotion. Usually for me it is anger that I have a hard time with and it can completely throw me into a tailspin. So I’m supposed to admit when I’m angry and work on handling that emotion instead of breaking down completely. It’s hard work sometimes, but I feel if we teach children these skills at a young age they will be better adjusted. Knowing that being sad angry frustrated and scared is okay it is just how we react and come back from it that makes the difference. Lol sorry about my novel sized reply.


  2. Life is suppose to be an obstacle course,that’s how we learn to take each challenge as it comes,no one gets away with out some kind if pain it’s a part of life,the pains and sorrows are not they are lessons we must learn

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