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Greener Pasture

A thought.

Some people want to be popular and be a star. Some just want to disappear and get unnoticed. They savour their privacy when given a chance. Some want to be on the spotlight. Ironic.

Is it  human nature?  We want to experience something we do not have. The grass is always greener on the other side. Is it really?

Have a great week,good life!

13 thoughts on “Greener Pasture

  1. It’s not greener, just a different green, not greener. We often think we see the whole picture of the greener other side, but if we step in to the whole picture we would notice something else than a greener side. I think.

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  2. I use my hair as an example I straighten it because I hate when it goes curly a frizzy. Yet I got caught in the rain the other day and it curled right up and all the girls with naturally straight hair started telling me how much they wished they had my hair

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  3. It’s the colour of money of people that are better off rather than the grass that looks greener. But it’s often only an optical illusion that plays tricks on the mind. The reality is that everyone has some skeletons in their wardrobes that is to say to say that every one has problems of some kind and especially the rich or very rich. As for me yes when I was young and green I used to have mega ambitions of being very rich and famous but nowadays I don’t give to hoots about it and rather like to keep a low profile well away form the lime-lights. That is because I found out that reducing one’s ambitions and lead a simple life is the key to happiness or contentment.

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    • Wow, I am pausin right now to read your comment over again…. This is full of wisdom. Thanks for sharing this thought to us. It is something to ponder!!!! Simple life is key to contentment…to happiness…. Please keep sharing your thoughts.


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