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Crazy Happy

It is Spring Break in school. It means, home with the kids everyday. It is really fun to be home with them… And exhausting too! Especially with their age, 6 and 2. My six year old is a very smart boy. I wrote about how amazing he is intellectually in my past blog.  A few weeks ago, during our back to school night (when parents visit the classroom and see their child’s work) I quote his teacher, “He is very very smart. In my 28 years of teaching, he is one of the smartest boy I have ever met!” So this means, he is very observant and inquisitive. Literally, too many questions. “Why are all things made in China?”,  “Why does it take 3 days for Jesus to be risen? Why 3 days?” And many questions I can not imagine asking if I am 6 years old. He likes making/building things. So asks me to help him with so many stuff and ask for materials and thins he needs. He made a binoculars out of carton, he makes me cut boxes for the house he wants to build, and other things. So many demands. He writes and illustrates stories and comics. This means, talks a lot, moves a lot. And I have to keep up besides my chores and an exploring 2 year old. Although she is more independent, I see how strong willed she is. She can be demanding too.

So do you understand me? After I put them to bed (which takes a long procedure/routine), it is suddenly quiet! QUIET.  Suddenly still. STILL. And I feel so relax. Happy. I can have a glass of wine. Or just some chips and soda. One hour to watch House of Cards through Netflix.

Crazy but happy.

Goodnight fellow bloggers, readers. Have a good sleep. No matter how your day go by, there is still tomorrow. So let us give ourselves a break : )

13 thoughts on “Crazy Happy

  1. Haha this reminded me of my younger brother to me. When he was born I was 8, so I had to share the responsibility of satisfying his inquisitive nature. But it is awesome to see someone so young and so creative as well as intelligent. Really wish him to make it big some day. 🙂

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