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For those of you who are familiar/using Instagram and following famous persons, have you noticed that some followers keep asking questions directed to the famous person they follow? They keep asking and leaving messages even though they never ever get a response. People would usually ask to be followed back.


People hope to get noticed by the person they admire. It is human nature to long for recognition.  People do not stop trying because they are hopeful. It is fun to be a fan!

8 thoughts on “Instagram Follower

  1. I usually get some Tweet backs from celebs on Twitter, depending on who they are. Instagram seems to be different for some reason. Perhaps its the notion that they can’t answer or respond to every fan so they want to be be fair maybe.

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  2. Whether is Twitter, Facebook or any social media celebrities may have their accounts on them but they don’t use it or rarely do. They have their own personal assistants to do it for them. Anyway celebrities even if they wanted to follow people are correspond with them they simply wouldn’t have the time because the life of a celebrity is socially very demanding with lots of commitments designed to increase their media and public attention. They don’t participate to social media directly because they also have to discourage possible stalkers or persistent fans. Some minor celebrities or journalists may accept followers and reply to them but not always. I made an experiment about a month ago with my two twitters accounts. I sent three twits to two celebrities and a well known journalist telling them that I couldn’t find their last book that I wanted to buy on amazon. (It wasn’t true because it was only an experiment). They immediately sent me the link for it. Strangely enough in the past when I twitted them and even asked them fairly important questions about other matters that were relevant to their works they didn’t reply or acknowledged my twits nor they took me as one of their followers. This shows that they or their assistants are only interested in publicity which is what celebrity do all the time. As a matter of fact most celebrities don’t even write the books that they publish and sometimes sign for their readers at books signings but have ghost writers doing it for them and often they don’t even read their own books either, therefore how can they participate to social media if they don’t do such important things? I say all this because I personally know celebrities and they way that they operate or live. Besides, populist celebrity culture is one of the subjects that I research and write about.


    • Oh wow, thank you again for this. I gain a lot of insights from your comments! How can you be so knowledgeable and well versed wit a lot of topics? Please do share your research findings. It sounds really interesting!!! And I really appreciate all your inputs. I am learning a lot! Keep it coming. Thanks!!!! : )


  3. Some celebrities do take the time to connect with their fans. Yes, a lot of them hire on a social media team due to their busy schedules, but I do know of some celebrities do run their own pages, whether it be Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or something else. An example is Taylor Swift. She has a Tumblr page and she writes updates to her fans about what is going on with her, and she also comments on other people’s photos and compliments them.

    Point of my post: I think it just depends on the celebrity and if they find that social media is important to them or not. Love this post by the way! 🙂

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