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Angels Around Me

In every chapter of my life,

I see angels around me

Wherever I am, wherever I go,

I’ve always been surrounded by them.

I know in my heart they came from heaven

God has sent them to watch over me

To comfort me when I am sad

To make me laugh and make me happy

They are all ears when I share my thoughts

And they feel what I am feeling too

They make me a better person

They make me see a beautiful world

I feel God’s love through them

A love that is unconditional and pure

A love that will never end

And bound to be forever true.


photo credit: http://yourcaringangels.com

Dedicated to all the friends I have in my life whom I consider my angels!

For my best friend of almost 3 decades now!!! She will be celebrating her birthday soon. We parted ways in 2004. She had to work overseas, and we have been away from each other since then. We only saw each other in 2012 during my church wedding. and in 2014 when my father became ill. She is lazy with emails and text messages. And I totally understand that. Through time, through distance, I still feel the strong bond that we have. Just like being born with another sister from a different mother. Just like being born into a family that God or the universe has chosen for you. She will always be my best friend forever.

God is love. He manifests His love in so many things, through so many people. I hope we can all see and feel this!!!

You have been my angel too!  Thank you for being part of my life through this blog site : )

8 thoughts on “Angels Around Me

  1. I wrote a book titled: “The City of The Guardian Angels”. According to the story the guardian angels are a type of angels sent to help human beings. They reside in the conscience or consciousness of people from where they advise them how to distinguish good from evil and choose the first. Some people listen to them others don’t. It’s a modern psychological fairy tale but not a religious one. Funny enough the story when I first wrote it wasn’t at all about angels but about recycling, Eventually though when I revised it a few years later just before publishing it, it took that twist. With creativity It happens that sometimes one starts with an idea and by developing it ends up with another,

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      • A toddler… I know a lady who started to knit a pair of socks just before she was expecting a baby and finished them when the baby left home to go to study at university. I’m amazed that you can accomplish so much already with a toddler to look after.

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      • seriously? Oh wow, I am glad that she still finished the knitting! though it took forever : ) … joggling time! being alert, alive, awake, enthusiastic!!! It is on my list to read your books : )


  2. This is a beautiful ode! With friends working overseas, I know how difficult it can get to keep going! Happy for you! Thanks for the follow. Glad to have come across your blog! 🙂

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