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Thoughts on WordPress

I was just wondering how many bloggers are here in WordPress?

Is there a Statistics showing how many from which country?

I am just curious.

It must be from all over the world! 

What a fun way to exchange ideas, culture,

and learn so many things through WRITING AND PHOTOS.

A fun place to be.

Doing what we love to do (writing) and

sharing/meeting new people/friends.

Have a wonderful day!!!

39 thoughts on “Thoughts on WordPress

  1. This is a great question . I wondet if there is a way to find out. It would also be interesting to find out how many are male and how many are female. I find the ratio of male to female to be something liKe 8 to 1

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  2. Hi. I saw some rough stats. from wordpress themselves. There are certainly tens of millions of wordpress bloggers worldwide which will translate into a much greater number of blogs they run which will translate into billions of actual posts. But a significant number of blogs become inactive. WordPress themselves tend to regard stats. as how much revenue they make and the amount of storage space the bloggers use. When all is said and done WordPress is brilliant and serves huge numbers of people so well. And for most of .. it’s free. I love the concept and I am just beginning to realise how much this global community means. It would be good if ALL countries were involved.
    Spread the word. Blog the world. Share the love.

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    • Oh wow thanks so much Chris for this input!!!! So there are 10s of million bloggers????!!!!!! Amazing isn’t it???? I wish they can show a stat to us or post it here on WP. Just for information. At least it is good to know the place where we belong. i appreciate this, really. We will be in touch!!!

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      • Hi
        Thanks for replying. From what I remember … WordPress don’t even know the answer themselves but the figures would be great to see! I do suspect that a huge number of blogs are never/infrequently used. I would like to know why so many people stop blogging. Maybe blogging is a sight more difficult than many folk think.
        All the best

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      • Figures are really interesting! And for the many who stopped blogging, maybe try need more inspiration and motivation. It maybe natural at some point we feel like there is nothing else to write. I guess it depends on your goal why you write? It is nice to hear from you Kris! Thanks for commenting : )

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  3. I was wondering the same thing! I think it would be awesome if WordPress told us in what state or area the person is writing from. Let’s say 10 people look at my blog and I look to see who looked at it all it says is 10 people viewed it in the U.S. I would love to know what state you know?

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  4. It would be very interesting to find out! I know they have a stat that shows # of posts every day, which is staggering. It does make you feel that you’re a part of something huge and worldwide though, doesn’t it? It’s a pretty amazing feeling to know you could reach people in every country around the world instantaneously!

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