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Time Travel

I mentioned in my past blog how I grew fond of history and geography as I came of age. They were not my favorite when I was in school. Now I am very much interested in world maps, and the things that happened to these people and places in the past. I dream to see all the countries in the world. As I watch movies/shows about notable people in the past (Ragnar Lothbrok of the Vikings, Genghis Khan, Kublai Khan, Marco Polo, King Edward V, Christopher Columbus, and many more), I can’t help but think of the many great men and women who roamed around this world: the royalty, the noble, the wise, the martyrs, the holy, the brave, the warrior, the explorers, the conquerors, the richest, the poorest. So many people, different lives, in different times, different era, so many culture, adventures, feast, wars, struggles, and human sufferings.  Human race/human lives are so diverse, rich, and colorful. Their existence has been very long in history now.

I believe I started to appreciate history as I started to realize that we are just passers by on earth. We are but travelers/pilgrims on this journey. So in this very short life of mine, I want to learn as much as I can about the past and about the world I live in now. This makes me love the present more. I want my eyes and heart to be open. See the NOW as much as I can, with all my senses, and  embrace it. Then my heart will overflow with gladness that I am a part of this even for just a while. Look at life as if it is perfectly wonderful with all its flaws.  For it scares me and saddens me to think that someday I will be leaving this life, this world, and the people I love. The future, beyond my existence, I will never know, see, hear, taste, and feel.

4 thoughts on “Time Travel

  1. When I was at school I loved geography but I’ve never been fond of history. This is because the human history is too full of barbarism, exploitation, genocides, greed, corruption, racism and so on. I admit that I’m not impressed with mankind at all. However, studying or having an interest in human history is very important for understanding the present and have an idea of the future as well as for having an idea of how humans are, thinks and. Unfortunately the problem is that history repeats itself and humans keep making the same mistakes. As they proverb says: “Man is the only animal stumbles more than once on the same stone.” Not a clever animal I must say.

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    • I agree wit you when you said barbarism, greed and all. Whenever I watch history shows I usually find people concerned or governed by expanding their land, power, possessions. And that explains where we are right now. The past explains the presesent. And to what you said that man is not a clever animal, it amuses me. Yes it is true we keep making the same mistakes. I do not know if humans are naturally weak. So we need the support to be strong and we need to train our minds, ourselves to the right attitude to survive. Nevertheless, I think humans are still special : )


      • I’m not sure that humans are special. I mean there are special people and I put you at the top of the list, but the majority are selfish, greedy, close minded etcetera. I mean those who are part of Isis, Bocro Haram, Al Qaeda, The Talibans, Al Shabad for example to me are not even humans. Then without citing those extremes which are quite many anyway, all the people who go about life just thinking of material things such as shopping, money or themselves and never do a thing to help others or try to make this a better world in whatever small way they can. No, I think that overall for all our technology we are not a successful species and one that overall is detrimental, cruel and destructive towards the environment and the animals. I also think that mankind, taking away the exceptions is basically arrogant and self opinionated. Sorry to disagree on this but this the way that I feel about a lot of humanity. Luckily enough there are good people like you that make life worth living but they are not that many.

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      • Pierro, right? I am not saying this just to make you feel good. How can you be so wise???? I am honestly amazed by your thoughts. Full of wisdom. You say something, then I like to read it over and over again. I need to fathom and process these very important thoughts about things and people. I feel a little sad that what you might be saying is true. I am not sure though. I need to see for myself. Obviously, the ones you mentioned, those things are really depressing to think. So I choose not to dwell in them. I just keep hoping that someday this world will be really a better place, a better home for everyone! It makes me sad… but somehow happy that you consider me on the good side! hahaha. At least, I try to be. I try to. You too are one of those people who brightens up a day of somebody. You just did! : – ) We still keep that faith. I hope for a miracle. I hope people will have change of hearts. Awakening. Be human. Love. Respect. Well… what can we do? Some things are out of our hands, control. We just keep that hope.


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