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Today Is My Birthday

Today, I remember my mother and father. This is the day when I should thank them for giving me life and for raising me up. I have become what I am today, mostly because of the family who loved and nurtured me.

This day is also a reminder that I am a human being born into this world of challenges. I thank our Creator. And as I always say, it is always a privilege to be part of this world, to live, and be a passerby.  With this, I have come to know love, peace, and happiness (of course, alongside with the ugly side of it).

When I was a young girl, I look forward to my birthday. I was excited with celebration, presents, treats. But now, I can not say I am excited anymore. It just means another year older. It means growing old! Closer to the death I fear.  So not too excited but I say this is more of a day when I ponder on my life, on my existence. I try to look at the past 36 of my life. What have I done? Have I lived life according to how I should? Am I a better person? What have I learned? What is in store for me? This is the time I should feel grateful for all the blessings I have received. All the good things and the good people in my life.

I pray that I will continuously love the people around me. That I will have endless patience in my dealings. That I will forgive easily. That I will always see beauty and light even in times of darkness. That I will be light to others too. That I will be nicer and wiser. That I will continue to embrace what comes my way, strive to make myself and my life better.  I hope I will be a more loving mother, wife, child, sister, and friend…


Daisies, flower of the month/Birth flower

Photo credit: http://www.1stinflowers.com/fom_april.html

27 thoughts on “Today Is My Birthday

  1. My age is only of interest to archaeologists. Yet I’m extremely young and everybody keeps telling it to me each day. I feel about nine or ten years old actually. However I always joke about my age by telling people that I’m well over a hundred. The fact is that age to me is totally meaningless, moreover I’ve the impression that I’m in a phase of reverse aging which means that I’m getting younger each day. As Mark Twain rightly said: “Age is a question of mind over matter, if you don’t mind it doesn’t matter.” To me it doesn’t matter one bit because I don’t mind. Happy Birthday!

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  2. Happy belated birthday! It really is a privilege to be a part of this world. Gratitude like that makes my life so much better. Thankful for what I have and the things toward which I’m working 🙂 Glad to see you think the same!

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