Breathe and Shine

You should feel very special!

rise higher shine brighter

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We are made of the same carbon molecules that make up the universe, the same iron and minerals that make up our Earth. We are born in and of the stars and are part of a more complex and majestic whole than we can possibly imagine. We are energy and have the capacity to give birth to stars and universes by the very act of raising our vibration or energy signature. So go out in your day today and be the starstuff that you are ❤ Breathe and Shine!

Rise higher and shine brighter

So much love for you!

Martha ❤ xx

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What I Felt A Few Nights Ago

One of the hardest battles in this life

Is the battle within oneself

The conflicting mind and heart

The push and the pull

Even after getting drunk,

and the body feels numb,

The only thing you feel

In the center of your being

Is the pain beating in the heart

Morning Angel

After dropping off my boy to school, my little girl and I went to Walmart to see what I can find in preparation for my son’s birthday party.

Looking around, it took me more than an hour to find everything that I need. I was in line to pay for my things when this very friendly cashier asked me if I would like to purchase the item in her hand for my girl. It was a Sophia the First Accessory Set that costs for less than a dollar only. This thrifty shopper said “no, thank you.” I was thinking my girl will not need it  since she has enough hair accessories (although it was really a good deal). Then the lady behind me asked about the item. I told her that we are not getting it and she can have it. The woman said, “I am buying it for your baby.” I was surprised and I insisted that she does not have to do that. But she was very firm that she wants to buy it for my girl.

I was totally moved by her kindness. A stranger who is just kind to others. I was teary eyed since it felt so surreal to feel genuine human kindness. Caring and expecting for nothing in return. I might not see her ever again but she will always be remembered. Yes it was almost just a dollar purchase but her ACT was worth a million, even priceless! It was so huge that it touches my soul. I gave her a hug and uttered my warmest thank you.

This morning, this old man (neighbor) came knocking at my door. He just said, “Here are some tomatoes harvested from my backyard. I thought you want some since you told me last time that your plant looks dry now.” Of course I did not say that my plant is still alive and is bearing a lot of tomatoes. I wanted to savor human kindness. His thoughtfulness again made me think that God is good. He has surrounded me with a lot of angels in my life.

I prayed that the good Lord will surround my children (and the whole world as well)  with angels who will always protect them, keep them from harm, who will always show kindness to them, who will help out in times of need, who will comfort them when they are sad,  and  surround them with love and happiness.

May angels surround you too and make you realize that life is beautiful!

May 25, 2015

Yesterday we celebrated our 8th Wedding Anniversary. This was the time we got married in a court house. 1st of May was the church wedding. So we get to remember two dates when we promised our lives to each other.

As usual, nothing fancy. No fancy gift or celebration. We usually make it as a family celebration. We brought the kids to the beach and we just had a nice moment.


I loved burying my feet in the sand. It felt so warm and the texture was very therapeutic.

I also loved how it looked like. It was a work of art…


The sky and the ocean was so vast. I felt free and just glad.

I listened to the sound of the waves and felt the breeze on my skin. They have always been so comforting. My mind afloat.

WP_20150525_030When my boy was little, he was afraid of the waves. He was not fond of the beach at all. He just liked playing in the sand. On the other hand, my little girl is different. She loved the water. She even cried when we said bye bye.

Now, look at my boy. He was out there. He loved the water. We all had fun soaking our feet and legs, running from the waves, and just standing there. At first it looked really cold. But once you just get yourself in it, you will realize that it is all good. You will get used to it. There is nothing to be afraid of. In fact you will learn how to love every moment of it.

It felt home. There is that certain feeling when a human being is one with nature. It feels special.

I mentioned this in my instagram account. I dream to travel the world. To see as many countries and culture as I can. I even want to see the earth from afar or see the space like the astronauts (although I am very much afraid of heights). And I said to myself, it is a nice dream. But I should embrace and focus wherever God has put me, wherever I am right now, because there is so much beauty around. Beauty and blessings are everywhere. I have to make the best memories out of them. The best journey ever!


Sibling Love

This afternoon, we visited a petting zoo close to our home. It was our second time there and my kids had so much fun as usual…

It is a typical fun place for families and one beautiful sight just caught my attention.Two baby goats napping under a tree. I thought they are siblings.


It is inspiring.

It is pure.

It shows peace and love.

Beauty can truly be found around us.

Just keep the eyes and the hearts open.

Quick Visit

I have not been writing for a couple of days now. I  have been busy thinking and doing a lot of things and also preparing for my 7 year’s old upcoming birthday celebration.

My mind, heart, soul, and spirit are doing all they can to be on its best condition. Our journey goes on! I am wishing you all the best in your endeavor, may it be on writing or on something else.

I will write soon! And I can not wait to have more time reading your posts!

We Are In A Battlefield

Every morning when I bring my son to school, there is an old man standing by the gate. He is there to keep his granddaughter company while waiting for the bell to ring. I found out that they just moved in here (He was from India) and the little girl was new in school.  We would always smile at each other and engage in some conversations. After dropping of the kids in school, I usually see him walk around the block.

Since last week we were walking to school too. The weather has been nice and I need to exercise! This morning, the old man was walking behind us. His name is Hussein. We talked for a while. For just a couple of minutes, he shed his wisdom.

I do not know what we were talking about. But I remember he suddenly told me, “Do not be scared of anything”. And I paused. I told him his message is just what I needed to hear. It is perfect timing.

I believe in our life, God or the Universe help us along the way. The higher power gives you signs and messages even through other people. He continued,  “Life is a battlefield. You should be a fighter!” I recently asked my doctor to give me a prescription refill of Xanax for anxiety. I did not take it before, bottle was unopened since I was nursing my girl. I thought I would need it now. But after talking to the old man, I told myself, I will be a fighter. I will not need it anymore. I will go through whatever I need to feel. I will deal with it. It is all in the mind.

He is saying always think that you can do things. Positive thinking. Power of the Mind. Training the Mind.  Never be afraid. Even if others hurt you or are jealous, be happy. God (or I think he said Allah) will take care of you and will raise you up.

I asked him his religion since he was talking about Hindu teachings and Allah. He said he is Muslim. And we agreed on one thing. People should stop creating divisions among people. We all know different Gods but to look beyond it all, there is really just One Creator.

He talked about other things I see as very insightful/deep. And these little seeds, I continue to plot in my heart. These good things in life are free. They will grow and help me along my journey. And I intend to give these important seeds to my children as well. I just hope I will be a very good example.

Well, I am glad to have spoken to him.

Have a wonderful day everyone, or good night/sweet dreams to my brothers and sisters on the other side of the globe!

Understanding Self Through Blogging

It is just not writing about your feelings and thoughts that help you realize something and learn more about yourself.

I find comments, feedbacks, inputs from fellow bloggers very helpful!  We do not know them personally so they tend to give you a different perspective. They are most likely  not bias or subjective.

One good thing about blogging.

You gain new insights and even new friends….

Good day!