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I Can Not Decipher


How will you know if your child is gay?

I have nothing against being gay. I have gay friends, gay cousins, and they are wonderful, smart, lovable persons. I am not even sure why I am thinking about this. I am involved in my children’s lives so sometimes, I can not see objectively. You know I love them more than my life. Sometimes love can make you not see. I am actually starting to think that this post is silly. Why am I thinking about it anyway?

Well, yesterday, I was sewing some holes in my kids’ pajamas. My son, who was doing his homework suddenly got excited at the sight of the threads of different colors. He is usually very lively and energetic that it drains my own energy. I kept telling him to get back to his homework. He said he likes to make shirts. It raised my eyebrow. He did not really left me alone. He was talking and moving a lot (as usual) and I kept pushing him to finish his school work.

So the night came and I told his Dad about it. My husband and I were joking to each other about this matter. We are teasing each other about the possibility. I have always tried to determine what is going on. But am not sure. I have never been sure.

This is the part where I got a little troubled. I asked him with a blank face. “Okay, what will you choose for instance if I buy you something… Robots/Transformer or Sewing kit?” He blankly said, “Sewing kit. I will make shirts (mind you, he said shirts not dresses OK?… Shirts). It really cracked me up. I covered myself with a pillow and I was laughing so hard that I cried. Laughing and at the same time worried. My husband, who is the perfect father, was just smiling. He has always said, let our child be. Wherever he is happy. My husband is truly amazing. He is very supportive!  As for me, I guess I am the tougher one. I want to teach my child how to be tough. I know it is bad sometimes, I play with him and I pretend to box him (just like Manny Pacquiao). My husband is totally not bothered unlike me. Do not get me wrong. I know that whatever he turns out to be, I will still love him more than my life, with all my heart, as I said. I am just not expecting it. It is true that sometimes, expectations are not good. It can disappoint you if things do not turn out the way you want to.  My son is the only boy in both sides of the family. He has three girl cousins on my side and two girl cousins on his dad’s side. (I am talking about our siblings’ children).  And my Dad was a former NBI officer (counterpart of FBI here in the US), very macho, manly, with guns and all. And my son is the sweetest, most lovable boy I have known. I do not have a conclusion yet. But now he is turning seven, I guess I will slowly find out. Wish me luck!!!! He is my own flesh and blood. And I will surely wish him all the best, all the success and all the happiness and love in the world. Part of me still wants something else but I should have an open mind!

Have a beautiful week guys!

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25 thoughts on “I Can Not Decipher

  1. maybe he wants to be a tailor. I’ve met a number of excellent tailors in my travels and a number of top fashion designers are (and have been) men. also, I cook and bake better than a number of women that I’ve met. I wouldn’t worry about it or put any more thought into it.

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  2. Unless he insists in wanting to play with dolls it’s too early to tell. I think that you are worrying or maybe just speculating about it because you are being overprotective and also because the gayness is nowadays a very talked controversial issue so it’s in the back of people’s mind. The fact that he likes to do shirts is because he sees you sewing and wants to imitate what you do and because he is curious. It’s a good sign of an inquisitive and active mind.

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    • and i am looking into his interests too. he did not like to go back to martial arts. he played golf. he is now into arts. a lot of girls usually love to play with him and be around him. you know these little things. he dances funny too. anyways, too much thinking!!! thank you for your usual help!!! : )

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  3. Awww that’s so sweet and I understand that you don’t mind it it’s that you don’t expect it. Well; you just have to wait to figure out and as yku said yku will still love him the same so why even think about + your son seems so sweet and really unique and that’s what will make him such a special person, god bless him 🙂 🙂 I wish you and your family the best of luck and all the happiness and fortune in the world 🙂 have a nice day and tell your son I say hi and that he so special 🙂

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  4. When I was little all my cousins and friends were boys. I played in the street and mud, I liked trucks and football. I couldn’t stay clean for anything and I liked Super Heroes more than Princesses. I’m married and I have three kids 🙂 I think it’s probably too soon to tell or to drive yourself crazy with worry.

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  5. I’m sure you’re worried about it like mothers usually do! They worry about everything when it comes to their children. But it’s really too really to tell! As a child, I never loved with dolls and still don’t see the charm of them. But as it turns out, nothing to worry about in my case! Similarly, don’t think of your son in that context. It may be one of his passing phases of childhood passions! Relax and enjoy seeing him grow up 🙂

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