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Alarming Afternoon

As I became an adult I was convinced that life is not easy….This includes losing weight! It was not much of a concern to me before but now after having kids, losing weight does not just mean DIET or eating less. Of course, healthy eating is a very important factor but there are other things like working out or the body’s natural built.  It is alarming since I do not really notice the weight until I realized that I do not fit in some of my jeans anymore! I had to set them aside this morning to give more space in my closet. WP_20150506_00420150506132017

I am alarmed since I have to wear tops/blouses that are a little more lose. This way it helps me hide those love handles : (  Oh I am jealous of the people who are naturally blessed with the perfect body!

This has to do with self concept, self esteem again. I am still happy with myself. I love myself, but I have to watch out and be disciplined before it is too late. Do not want to come to that moment when I am starting to unlike myself. What to do now? Remind myself again to eat healthy and go back to my daily run on the treadmill!

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  2. Everybody is worried with one’s weight these days. The media and the business industry manipulate people’s mind in convincing that they need to be thin because then people will do all sorts of things to try to have the bodies like those of the models and celebrities portrayed in the media. The slimming industry is worth billions that is why they do it. Anyway loosing weight it’s easy. Cut down sugar or eat sugary things in minimal amounts and keep moving. Walking and climbing up and down stairs are more than enough and better that going to the gym and even jogging. That it’s all it takes. Sugar which is in almost every food is the reason why people put on weight.

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    • Yeah celebrities look so gorgeous and sophisticated. That is hard to achieve! Haha! About losing weight… Guess need to be aware of sugar intake. And with moving…. But I move a lot….I have an awareness again, I will do something. Thank you Piero!!!! : )

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