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Technology Age

It is mother’s day today and it just happened that my husband brought home a new baby for the family to enjoy, XBOX!!!! I am no good with gadgets and tech stuff but I find it interesting. Instead of playing using the controller and usually sitting down, it gets you moving!

When I was growing up, I remember my brother had  Atari, then Nintendo, and Sega. My siblings and I had fun with the classic games.

It is amazing how people can invent new things, new gadgets. When I was in College it was the first time I owned a cellphone, the huge ones they called “Jurassic”.

Now we have smart phones, IPAD, Wii, XBOX, and other amazing gadgets made by amazing human beings!!!

I wonder how would it be like in the future???? For sure, I will never get to see it anymore. I bet it would be really awesome! Flying cars, teleports, robots, and what else?

I just hope when that time comes,  people will just not forget some things that define them as human beings.  Nevertheless, enjoy! : )

32 thoughts on “Technology Age

  1. In the future people won’t do anything anymore. From the look of it either robots and gadgets will do everything for them or the human species will be extinct due to their own faults. The alternative though is that at a certain point they will get fed up of machineries and gadgets, there will be a rebellion against them and they will go back to using their brains and hands.

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