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How Can I Love Thee?

“You can not do anything. She is family.”  This is what my 86 year old Aunt said to me. I love listening to her advices for they are filled with important lessons about living. She possesses a different perspective on life.

I do not want to sound judgmental on this post. I will do my best to be objective. I understand that each person can be different considering the different personalities, genes, family and the environment where he or she was raised in. We should respect people. If they are different from you, it does not mean you are better than them….  But my point is, there is a “general or basic” rule! We know how to differentiate the good from the bad, pleasing and not pleasing, annoying and amiable, nice and mean. So on and so forth.

How does this sound like? Wherever this person goes, she always gets into trouble, argument, quarrel, squabble, fight, or disagreement (call it however you want) with the people around her. Boastful, proud, self centered, self righteous, knows it all kind of person, most of all tactless and insensitive? Words that come out of her mouth seem not appropriate most of the time and can usually be offensive? She might not be aware of how unpleasing she is but the people around her can attest to that.  Should she be excused of her bad behavior? What else can you do if she is someone you can never get rid of no matter how far you run away from her? Although we did not branch out from the same tree, her journey is intertwined with mine at some point. What choice do I have?

I guess in a lifetime, it is realistic that one may not like or love everybody.  And this does not make us lesser good people. This makes me think of God’s commandment to love your neighbors as yourself. Love one another… How can you actually love someone you do not like? I wonder if respect and being civil to one another is good enough.

Carry on! : )

7 thoughts on “How Can I Love Thee?

  1. She should be told kindly and if she doesn’t accept the criticism she should be ignored or even distanced. If not she will continue to embitter the lives of others. The problem with people like that is that they tend to be bossy, arrogant, self centred and even worse lack humility or let’s say the humility to analyse their own behaviour and try to change. They are selfish domineering and all they do is to drain the energy out of others. The fact that she is family doesn’t give her the right to make the life of her family or others difficult.

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    • Oh my gosh, what you said is so right. With her type, she can not admit fault. And that is what’s happening, people distance themselves and ignore her. Yes we have the right to live happily so it is not an excuse that she is born like that or that she is part of the family. It is nice to hear a validation of something that you believe in. You are very good analyzing people! I am your big fan : )


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