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Rainy Day

For some reasons I do not yet understand,  I have always been drawn to rainy days. It is indeed a pain bringing a child to school when the rain pours down as I carry a 2 year old and an umbrella on the other hand. But it delights me. The feel…the sound…the cloudy and gloomy skies. I love everything about it. When it is pouring down, I feel cozier.My mind relaxed. As I sip my beloved coffee on a rainy day.

11 thoughts on “Rainy Day

  1. People never take into account that is that rain that give wealth. Today I was pointing out to people that are always unjustly and stupidly complaining about the rain. Due to global warming London in recent years has an excellent mild weather . We have had sunny days for months after months. Yesterday though it rained all day and people started complaining about it as if the shy had suddenly fallen on their heads. The problem is that people always find a reason to complain no matter how life is good to them. Yes, I like the rain too because it has its own charm and whether it’s sunny or rainy it doesn’t bother me in the least because whatever the weather inside me it’s always good weather.

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