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Thoughts On WordPress 2

I was imagining the site is crashing or there is a glitch.  Then do we lose all the written memories of our journey? Does WordPress secure and back up all the blog sites somewhere? Will our posts be read by future generations?!  Is there a feature where every blog we post automatically gets sent to our personal email address just to have a back up?

Hoping to get a feedback or suggestion. I was thinking of copying and pasting all my posts so I can have my own copy. I just thought of this now. It means I have to go back in November.

18 thoughts on “Thoughts On WordPress 2

  1. I’ve had my blog for 5 years. Copy and paste will give you a material/content backup of your blogs even though you’d lose the platform itself. If WordPress folded then millions of people would lose all their work. Hopefully WordPress would never leave people in this position.
    All the best

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  2. What u can do is export ur blogs. It will be in XML format. U can import that XML to blogger.com site. And that way ur posts will be backed up. Or have a word document of all ur post before u post.
    But WordPress will be having a back up and recovery mechanism in case of crisis. Visit the forums

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  3. SAVE SAVE SAVE..I’ve been writing for the last 15 years…when msn groups closed down, everything that was written, heart poured out, went with it all…I was on blogger and presently no one can see it anymore except me, still all saved through blogger. I write so much that I really don’t save much, I have my own personal written journals, starting back to 1996…I threw all my other journals away (they were too painful for me to keep )….Keep sharing your heart, don’t worry about the ‘stuff’..everything will fall into place when it’s done with heart♥ blessings…

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