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  1. Please don’t envy me 😦 I feel embarased if you do. In my case it happens that I’m Ok most of the time although when I was younger I wasn’t. I’ve learnt through experience how to live better and eliminate as many worries as possible and be content with what I’ve rather than desire more. As for writing or creativity in general I actually have spells in which I’m very creative and strangely enough they regularly happen at exactly the same periods each year and also periods when my creativity goes to sleep in order to regenerate itself. Most people think of the latter as a writer’s or creativity block but I see it as a period when the creative part of the brain requires a rest.

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  2. when you’re sad amazingly you have a lot more on your mind. There is so much to say and you don’t always have someone to share it with. Keep writing wherever and whenever you feel inspired.

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  3. how about changing the sentences .with your permission though.
    “i write a lot when im sad
    but i feel inspired , lively,refreshing , amazing ,rejuvenated,happy when i see beauty . and when i write during that time it overpowers the darkness and i realize the pain has decreased and i have started to smile”

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