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Understanding Self Through Blogging

It is just not writing about your feelings and thoughts that help you realize something and learn more about yourself.

I find comments, feedbacks, inputs from fellow bloggers very helpful!  We do not know them personally so they tend to give you a different perspective. They are most likely  not bias or subjective.

One good thing about blogging.

You gain new insights and even new friends….

Good day!

18 thoughts on “Understanding Self Through Blogging

  1. Nice post! I, too, like receiving comments and feedbacks. They’re like a “check-balance” helps verify if not validate my position on things, or my current state of mind. That, and recognition always makes me feel good 🙂

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  2. I live in London a city populated by more than eight million people most of them in my view as ignorant as shoes, as we say in my country. Ignorant because they don’t interact verbally with others. They read and watch the media, surf in the internet and even read books and think they are smart and knowledgeable about a lot of subjects but basically they only repeat like parrots what they hear watch and read in the media which is often full of superficial trivia, hype and misinformation dictated by vested interests and business. A good part of the little that I know I have learnt by interacting face to face with people from every walk of life irrespective of their school education. Besides it blogging is also a very good way to learn from other bloggers. I think that blogging is the best thing that has ever come out of the internet because it broadens socialization and communication of ideas and viewpoints at a deeper level, even if only virtually. A blogger for me is an independent journalist that has total freedom on what she or he writes which is a freedom that commercial journalists don’t have.

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    • Wow! This is again another comment I have been waiting to hear!!!! Very well said! : ) I dream to see London and now I might have a slight idea of how some people may behave! : )


  3. Well said, my friend. The way people living continents away see the world gives a whole new perspective and is a much more knowledgeable and unbiased view of various aspects of life. When I started blogging, I had no idea about this and started just to vent my thoughts out and see if there is anyone who finds my pieces worth reading. But the blogging world is addictive as narcotics, though much more healthier 😀
    I am fortunate to be in the circle of people like you, who think and not just report 🙂

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