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Waves of Life

I tried resisting the waves

And I got very tired

I think I almost drowned

But people came to save…

Why do I always do that

Though I know I’ll never win?

I know I am hard headed

I know I never learn.

Well I think it subsided now

It seems calm around

I will float in the meantime

And get ready for the next one

The next time it comes crashing

I know I should not fight it

I have to learn how to deal with it

Play along and go with the flow

As how my head knows

That is how life goes

Play along and go with the flow

Til I can happily swim again.

15 thoughts on “Waves of Life

    • Will try my best not to get so tensed and struggle ; ) maybe this is a learned skill through the years. I am afraid of waves to begin with. Although I know it is part of the sea!


    • Oh I realized something!!!! That is one of my attributes. I tend to be obsessive compulsive and I want control, predictable, schedule, the way I want things to be….thanks Marcus. This helps in understanding the self!!!!


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