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Recurring Creepy Dream

At around 3am, I was glad I awoke from a nightmare.

I thought I was awake but somehow aware that I was dreaming. I was lying down on our bed and I see a black shadow gliding to the sides up on the ceiling. I knew something was at my side too. I remember reciting prayers. I did not stop. I woke up and I knew it was not real. When I was closing my eyes I felt like I was falling deep into something.

This is the first time I  write about this. Maybe some of you will have an explanation about it or some can share the same experience.

I am not so sure when it all started, but definitely it was more than 12 years ago. There was a time when my dream was very frequent. And it gradually decreased when I got married. But I would still sometimes have dreams about it.  In 2003 (12 years ago), when my family and I had a vacation in Europe, we visited Lourdes, France. I told the priest about this experience and he said these things are of sensitive matters. I  just remembered him saying to sprinkle holy water around my bed before I sleep. I never did that. It sounds creepy. I just prayed.

It came in different forms and I would always find myself battling with it. I am talking about the dark side, the dark forces. In my dreams, I mightily fight with them and I can feel every prayers I recite: The Lord’s Prayer, The Apostle’s Creed, Glory Be, songs of praises to God, and a lot more. After which, I felt very tired.  Most of the time, I win over them. In some dreams, it does not say how it ends. The fight goes on.  In my dreams, I feel not scared. I am brave. I feel I have the power. I began to think maybe in my past life (if there is) I was an exorcist or something.

Why is it the same theme in my dream? Battling with the dark side and reciting all the prayers? This is one weird dream I have always had.

I lit up a candle in the altar. Maybe it is a reminder to have more prayer time.

12 thoughts on “Recurring Creepy Dream

  1. Kristine,
    George Bernard Shaw once interviewed an old native american sage, whom he asked why he was so preoccupied in thought. The sage answered: “In my soul, as in all souls, there are two dogs fighting. One good and the other evil. The one you feed the most, wins.”
    We all struggle with shadows that attempt to keep us from the light of truth.

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    • Alan, I appreciate your comment. I am happy to have met you. I know I will learn a lot from my fellow bloggers and I long for it. You are right, inside, there has been a struggle, good and bad, outcome of the many experiences we had in life. Recently, I was facing some internal challenges. And maybe in dreams they surface. As humans, we keep fighting for the good. To be good. And it is never easy all the time. And we do all our damn best to feed the good so it wins. We train our minds. Thank you for stopping by! Truly appreciated! : )

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