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Brain Games – Pay ATTENTION

I was watching the show Brain Games the other night. They showed different experiments testing the capacity of human brains. Human brain is truly AMAZING. I am proud to be human and possess this very powerful organ! It is so complex, the way it processes and make us function everyday. Way back in College, I enjoyed the course Bio Psychology, where we also studied about human brains. Although it looked really “eeky” (we studied real brains), it was indeed a wonder.

There is a particular topic in the show that talks about our ATTENTION. It is unbelievable how we actually miss out a lot of things/changes around us. A lot of people in the experiment failed to see changes presented as they were working on a particular task. I find so much meaning in it relating to how we live our lives. “It means your brain is doing what it does best giving your full attention to what’s important and ignore what’s not.” Somehow our body really naturally adapts to each stimulus. I was thinking of problems and challenges in life, things and people who pull you down. It is all about being in control of your mind. Focusing on what is essential. It is possible to train our thoughts more to focus on the positive. This should be a human pursuit. Maybe this will bring about more happiness and satisfaction in our journey.

Have a great week fellow bloggers and readers!

Here is the link to the show:

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