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Positive Outlook

It takes effort and work to train your mind to be positive.

Starts with awareness and dedication to help yourself become a better person.

Feeding yourself with inspiration and motivation

Casting out negative thoughts and emotions

Accepting that this dark side is part of our existence But never agree to dwell in it.

If we do, then we will lose in the battle.

We have to learn how to fight these things or people pulling us down.

The fight that comes within ourselves.

By having a positive outlook, equipped to survive and thrive

Each and every challenge we face in our journey.

While our eyes affixed on the beauty of life and living

Breathing with a happy heart filled with love and kindness

It is never easy

But seems worth a try

It is possible

We can start from now…

5 thoughts on “Positive Outlook

    • Take each day as it comes…As I close my eyes, I will say this to myself everyday. Not to worry too much of tomorrow. Living in the moment…. Very happy to hear from you. Take care!


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