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I wonder how it feels like to be a millionaire or a billionaire

I wonder how it feels like to be famous

I wonder if the rich and the famous wonder about a simple ordinary life

Just like mine : )

Happy Friday everyone!!!

20 thoughts on “Nonsense

  1. I was a millionaire once. The bank deposited 2 million dollars into my bank account. It was a mistake, of course. They caught the mistake and the two million dollars disappeared before I knew it. Can’t say I felt any better being a millionaire and of course, I didn’t miss it either. Simple and ordinary is good.

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  2. Millionaires, billionaires and famous people are full of problems, Basically it’s a curse. They live in constant fear of becoming poor, they mix only with people like themselves and are besieged by all sorts of dishonest manipulative people who try to use them or get money out of them, They also have no privacy and have to go around with bodyguards or minders and live in houses that are basically fortresses. It has been scientifically proved that after a person has enough to afford the basic necessities for living money doesn’t add anything to his/her happiness.
    Stay ordinary, believe me that it’s the best life.

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