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Simple Life

I asked permission from one of my favorite bloggers that I would post his comment ( I have not received his response yet but I think he would not mind at all. ). Honestly, he has always given me wisdom and great advices here on WordPress. Just as how I appreciate my fellow bloggers who unselfishly share their insights. You might not be aware of how your words can help a fellow human being. So, Thanks Piero and to all of my fellow bloggers who are always here to give their help and appreciation.

Please check out Piero’s https://controversialcook.wordpress.com/about-blog-2/

I strongly feel that I need to share this for some other readers who might realize something about it just like me. MIND YOU, We are not anti rich. Our point in here is just being happy even with the simplest things.

My previous post (Nonsense) was talking about me dreaming of how it feels like to be rich and famous. And if the rich and famous are thinking about living an ordinary life just like mine. Here is what Piero shared to me:

“Millionaires, billionaires and famous people are full of problems, Basically it’s a curse. They live in constant fear of becoming poor, they mix only with people like themselves and are besieged by all sorts of dishonest manipulative people who try to use them or get money out of them, They also have no privacy and have to go around with bodyguards or minders and live in houses that are basically fortresses. It has been scientifically proved that after a person has enough to afford the basic necessities for living money doesn’t add anything to his/her happiness.
Stay ordinary, believe me that it’s the best life.”

18 thoughts on “Simple Life

  1. Here’s my 2 cents.

    – I am on the ordinary side but wouldn’t mind finding myself on the other side somehow. Maybe I win a lottery (that I don’t usually play) or someone wants to include me in their will because of my blue eyes, etc. This of course isn’t my dream but would be “nice to have”.

    – I don’t think that millionaires and such live in a constant fear of becoming poor while living in the mansions and having a five or six-digit portfolio to fall back on.

    – Manipulative people happen on all levels of society; you can make ten dollars an hour and still being used by some manipulative people.

    – Living in a fortress, hmm, how about living in an ordinary house with a security system? Speaking of which, I was burglarized a few years ago, my old laptop and a few other things were taken. Had I returned home from the shopping earlier & walked in on them, my body might have been found in a remote location. I will likely never get over that emotionally. So yes, I would rather be living in a fortress.

    – I have nothing against having a bodyguard. Maybe then my purse won’t get snatched while doing grocery shopping.

    – I don’t know about a scientific proof but after an average person had enough for the basic necessities, they tend to go after a bit higher priced necessities and then find themselves in a bankruptcy or a short sale. Hence the happiness goes down the drain.

    This likely happens to anyone but what I’m trying to say, it’s not that simple.


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    • I totally agree with you. I don’t believe wealth or money is a problem. Crime is highest in poverty-stricken areas, so how can having money be the issue?
      Also, the correlation between wealth and notoriety is wrong here. There are millions of people who are millionaires about whom we never hear. One of my neighbors is a millionaire; they live a modest life, and very few people know or care how much they earn. So while there’s nothing wrong with having a bodyguard or security systems, that also isn’t necessary, even if you have a lot of money.

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      • I am just wondering, can it also be possible that wealth or money can be a powerful instrument in changing a person inside? like in terms of ambitions, priorities, demands. Or can possibly cause changes with the people around him? Like close friends or family? I just remembered a documentary from the past about people who won the lottery. I remember Most of them did not have a good story ending.

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      • I don’t believe so. I think people basically remain the same, which is why people who win the lottery usually lose all of that money and the relationships they had beforehand. If you’re poor and you win $5,000,000 you aren’t a millionaire. You’re a poor person with $5,000,000 and soon you’ll lose it because you don’t know how to handle money and the responsibilities that come along with it. That’s my opinion anyway. I think the people who win the lottery and lose friends and family never really had strain on those relationships to begin with. I think if you have the right mindset, massive amounts of money won’t change a thing about you, except for how much you work, maybe.

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      • @Khristine & irrationalliving:

        I can prove the opposite (win in a lottery), given a chance of course. I pay my bills, reconcile statements, just paid off two bills btw (and blogged about it, posted on June 11), and I know how to handle money. I am officially debt-free right now. Oh and I file my own taxes. I am in a 10% bracket.

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      • I think we are in agreement, yes? I don’t think money necessarily changes people. I’ve always thought that a person with problems who suddenly earns a lot of money will have bigger problems, but the money didn’t cause them. The person did. They were there before the money was.

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  2. Anyway in reply to Anna,
    I speak from experience because I’ve known a lot of millionaires and billionaires as well as famous people and people that all of a sudden have become rich and famous. Neo-rich by the way are the worst type and they and neo famous tend to change their wives and friends as soon as they become famous. As well, oddly enough, changing political views the very same day that they become rich. This means that if they voted for a working man’s party, let’s say the day before they won the lottery they immediately switch allegiance to support a rich people’s party. This is also been scientifically proved to be so at a staggering 100% and in my view it clearly shows the power that money has on people.
    I also live in the most expensive urban area in Europe (Kensington, next to the royal family incidentally) whose population is 90% made up of millionaires and billionaires. It’s awful you never see them and they never communicate with anybody outside their circles. They are like ghosts.
    As for the fear of becoming poor is real and in their subconscious because they couldn’t cope with loosing their wealth as they would be totally lost that is why they keep investing in absurdly expensive things hoping that if the economy collapses they will have valuables to sell and stay rich.
    In fact whenever there has been a big economic crisis like the collapse of the stock exchange many rich people have immediately committed suicide. The Wall Street Crash of 1929 in America or Black Tuesday, as it was called, during which many rich people killed themselves is an example. .
    As for going around with a minder or living in a fortress I don’t know because I’ve never been in that situation but it wouldn’t be my cup of tea. Nor it would be my cup of tea to go to cafes, restaurants or shops and be constantly looked at and sometimes pestered by people only because they have seen my face on TV or in newspapers. It would be simply loss of privacy and freedom two of the most valuable assets in life.

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    • Oh Piero, if ever I go back to Europe, which was my first and last so far in 2003, I wish I can meet you and show me that city!!! I don’t know when or if it will happen again : )
      Thank you for sharing your experiences! As I have said it is very interesting to know different views of people reflected by different experiences in life!
      Thanks to Anna for sharing her views a s well. As of me, I have always lived an ordinary and safe life. The inner turmoil is usually my concern. But should not be seen as concern for we all go through it, good and bad.
      I am blessed to have met you all!!!!

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    • @controversialcook: I assure you if I happen to win in a lottery, I will communicate. Heck, I will continue posting on WordPress but will likely start hosting in this case scenario. I understand that some of your wealthy neighbors are in fear of becoming poor, but mostly for the reason that they have no clue how to handle their money. Funny, because someone just posted that it’s poor people who hit the lottery, don’t know how to handle money. Now, it’s true about wealthy folks, too? I can conclude that inability to handle money happens to anyone, no matter the social status.

      If I win in a lottery, I can prove the exact opposite of what they do (your neighbors). I know how to handle $$. I pay my bills, reconcile statements, just paid off two bills btw and blogged about it on June 11. I am officially debt-free right now. Oh and I file my own taxes. I am in a 10% bracket.

      I wonder if a millionaire runs out of money due to the lack of knowledge how to handle it, do they go on welfare, medicaid, etc? lol it dawned on me right now.

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