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My Blog’s Content

A very good friend of mine came to visit me last weekend. He said he has been reading my blogs. BUT he just wishes something else from my posts. I did not really get what he meant, but I know he meant well. I only got the sense that for him, sometimes, my focus is vague. I love constructive criticism. And to be honest, I never really thought of technicalities. I guess it is getting clearer to me. I am not really writing for someone else… to please people. I am not also considering monetary factor as of now (but if luck will come for reasons I do not know how, I would gladly welcome it). My point is, I am expressing myself. I am letting my thoughts and feelings out. Just like how I did when I was writing in my diary when I was growing up. Each post is a reflection of what is happening in me, inside my head and my heart, a reflection of my journey. It may be pretty to some but lacking sense to somebody else. There is no right or wrong. It does not really matter. I am expressing myself and sharing it to the world and to the Universe. Who knows it can lift spirit of someone who has a similar journey as mine. I know you understand what I mean. I am sure some of you are writing for the same reasons.

14 thoughts on “My Blog’s Content

  1. I didn’t start my blog to get likes or comments. The fact that anyone reads my blogs is mindboggling to me. More surprising is that I have daily followers. All of this is just icing on the cake for a hobby that I began as a self exploring journey just like you.
    Shine On

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    • You are right. You know, if people can relate, they will like or comment. This is my hobby. I should just enjoy it as it is. It will be a bonus if others can also enjoy this icing. I will be more than happy to share!!!! Thank you : ) I truly realize a lot of things when I interact with my fellow bloggers. Appreciate the support : )

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  2. Blogs like all things evolve and change. You may start with an idea and a blogging style as well as a reason for blogging and little by little you change them. Sometimes it’s because you mature and see the larger picture of life and others because you are influenced by other blogs.

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