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What are goosebumps? 

I have been having it for the third day usually only on the right side of my body particularly the right arm. 

When I was growing up they say if you have goosebumps, there are spirits around you. But I am sure there is a physical explanation I yet need to research on.

I hope your day is going well and do not forget to enjoy each breathing moment. 

30 thoughts on “Goosebumps

    • I checked the site, so it is just a question? I did not find any answer yet or similar condition. Mine does not hurt. But once I find out something, I will definitely share to you. Thank you!!!!

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      • I am right handed. I just had it again. I know it will go away soon. But I cant help but notice because it has been here for days. Oh my god, lower right leg. Right side of my body only. I will find an answer I will keep you posted!!! : )

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  2. I was told as a child, along with the “spirits”, (I think many cultures have that myth…), that they were our body’s reaction to a quick temperature change, internally… It’s why they occur so often in cold weather… Perhaps you’re sleeping in a room that’s cold? Don’t know, but, it has always seemed a logical explanation, that we get them when we feel cold, and our body is changing internally to adjust; they are the physical sign of what is happening inside…

    It may be an urban myth, as I never checked it out, because it made sense… Some people report getting them when scared, which is where the phrase, ‘getting chills’ comes from, I think…

    I’ve never heard of them being a sign of anything serious, other than serious fright…


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  3. It’s one of those conditions that come and go and for which there is hardly any satisfactory medical explanation. It could be due to the weather or stress or a combination of them or even to an allergy. I wouldn’t worry too much about it. As for the spirits being around you I doubt. Nobody has ever proved the existence of spirits and as a rule superstitious people see spirits in everything.

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