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Backing Up Posts In WordPress

Last time I was advised by you, my fellow bloggers, to back up my posts. I did copy and saved them through word. But now, Again, I have a lot of unsaved posts.  I am just so bad with remembering to back up through MS Word. I usually write on the spot, spontaneous, direct from my Ipad.

I wish and I imagine it would be nice if with every post we make, we automatically get a copy by email from WordPress. I am not a “techie” person so I am not sure if this is feasible.

14 thoughts on “Backing Up Posts In WordPress

  1. If you really need a backup, just email it to yourself once it is posted. Or, if you want a hard copy, once posted, print a copy….

    My own method is to write the blog in another program, & keep that backed up. I then copy & paste into WP. But, I also email an email version of my blog each day, to about 50 people, so, I also get an email copy of that….

    Whenever you want a copy of something, just email it to yourself….

    It’s a simple geek workaround for most issues like this….


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