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M and M Visit

My mom and my mother-in-law have been here for more than a month now. They came to visit for my son’s birthday. And for my daughter’s birthday in August.

It is nice to have them with us. They are part of the family. But can anyone tell how I feel after a month of us three bumping at each other in my kitchen? One even said next time you should have a bigger kitchen….Hearing unsolicited advices/comments from time to time about different things (my kids, the house, etc.)? Yada yada yada….

They are moms but….I can’t wait for that time when I will be alone and quiet again! I kinda miss it already. LOL!



14 thoughts on “M and M Visit

  1. We love our parents. They’re our family. They can
    Impart traditions and knowledge to us that we aren’t
    aware of because we’re younger. But, too much of anything can make
    a pleasant situation stressful. I found time limits work best
    if possible. If they’re coming from a long distance that might not be possible.
    We are the head of our own household. Sometimes it’s difficult for them
    to see us as adults. A dialog with them where you can express your feelings
    could help. 😊

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