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When I Grow To Be A Lady

I was rocking my baby girl to sleep before I wrote this. And suddenly my thoughts were about my old man. My sister and I would always hear him sing a song. I just remember this line  “When you grow to be a lady, you’ll be a queen, a lovely queen. Walking…” That is the only line that sticks to my head.  I knew he sang that to me when I was a baby and he would always tell me about it while I was growing up.

At this particular moment of my life, that song became very special. I tried to looked it up online. I searched in YouTube but nothing that came up. I googled it and the search result was very limited. I could neither find the singer nor the song writer. At least I found the lyrics.

When I grow to be a Lady…
I’ll be a queen, a lovely queen
Walking in a garden shady…
In gown of green
with silver sheen
maids in gowns and gold shall follow me
And suitors of a high degree

When I grow to be a lady…
A fine and lovely queenly lady
Then my Prince will come to claim his own
And love will crown me to my throne.

It is very heart warming to know for the first time what the song is all about. And I can clearly hear his voice singing it.

dad and daughterhttps://www.pinterest.com/angelinajustice/silhouette-art/



31 thoughts on “When I Grow To Be A Lady

  1. It’s a filippino song that has gone out of mind. Well there you are! It’s copy write free so you cold make a record of it and put it on youtube. Or look at this link to a website of old filippino songs by putting in the site search box the title. It gave me one with music when I did it. Unfortunately the songs ad in Filippino language that I don’t understand. http://www.listube.com/#connect=rry

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    • I opened the link you gave and confirmed that the song my dad used to sing to us is an old Filipino song usually played during coronation of beauties. In the older times, it was a tradition and I guess up to now that they hold beauty pageants in towns. And probably this is one song they played. Thank you. I learned something valuable….

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    • It is a song we sang in elementary. It actually goes like this: When I grow to be a lady, I’ll be a queen, a lovely queen” It was actually written for a girl to sing.

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      • So this is an original Filipino song? Would you know what year did the song start? My Dad was born in 1933 and he knew this song. There is just nothing to be found on the web about this. I am assuming it is a very old song. Thank you for the information you shared! Really appreciate it!


      • Omg. I just remembered my aunt singing me this song whenni was young. I can remember the lyrics so i searched it and found youe article. At my age right now, i realized how special this song is to me. Brings back my childhood dreams.

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      • Same here! I never really paid attention until my Dad passed away and I miss him everyday. I wish I asked him where he learned the song or I could have learned to sing or play it. I appreciate this comment. I have learned that it is not just you and me looking for this song on the web. And that this song means something to us. God bless you!


  2. I know the tune of this song but sad to say am not good in singing. I love this song. I used to sing this with my siblings during our younger days. . . I have also been looking for this on youtube but to no avail.

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    • OMG you used to sing this song? Where did you learn it? It kept me thinking. Our dad used to sing this to us. Is it a Filipino song? Sadly I did not find any online. I wish at least there’s a music sheet so I can play it?! Thanks Lisa. Glad to know this!


      • I learned this in grade school in our music class early 80’s. There is music book for this song…another song is “I was poorly born on the top of a mountain”

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      • Thank you for this information. I am so glad that there is at least a confirmation. Hoping we will find a music sheet for this so we can play it? Like what you have found out, there is not much about it on the web. Maybe somebody knows more about this. Keep our fingers crossed : )


  3. My mom also used to sing me this song. I don’t know where she learned it. I can still remember the tune of the first stanza. And I’m singing it now.

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  4. My mom used to sing me this song. I don’t know where she learned it. I can still remember the tune of the first stanza. And I’m singing it now.

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    • There’s nothing much about it in social media. I am so glad that people message me about it. I wonder if this is an original Filipino song, who composed it and when. Thank you for your comment!


  5. I used to sing this song in our elementary school’s closing program. I was my teachers favorite back then. She gave me the role of a princess who sang this song she even made a green gown for me. Ohh the memories!

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    • Hi nanami! It is nice to know this. I would appreciate it if you can share more about the song. When was your elementary days? Is this an original Filipino song? Do you still know all the lyrics? I can’t find any music of this song. I wish there is someone who can play it on piano or guitar. Thank you!


    • I didn’t realize that this song is pretty popular! You’re right! I wish too that there is more information about this like in YouTube or Google. For me it is just a memory of my Dad singing to us. Thank you for stopping by Dhea!


    • This is a good idea! Whoever has a recorded copy of the song, please share it. Or if you know the song, please record and share. I can only remember the first few lines. Maybe I’ll see if I can sing and play it on a guitar based on how I remember my Dad sang it? I’ll keep you all posted. Thanks Eli john.


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