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Discipline Challenge

For me, one of the most difficult challenges in parenting is imposing discipline on children.

I do not know how my parents did it. But I guess I turned out okay.  How do you really do it?  Raising good people.

I noticed that starting at age 6 (now he is 7), I am indeed tested in my ability to discipline a growing boy. Sometimes I am not sure if I am doing it right. All I know is I am doing my best to make him learn and understand things/situation given his natural temperament, his personality, intellect, and other factors that affect his learning. Sometimes it is stressful, draining my energy, makes me worried that he might dislike or hate me for reprimanding him. Generally he is a good and sweet boy. But there are really moments that he is getting on my nerves. I know it is part of raising children.  So help me God. And to all parents out there…Good luck and God bless!

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4 thoughts on “Discipline Challenge

  1. Work will be the most important thing in their life when they will grow up. Therefore for me the best way to teach children discipline and values is that when they want something say a toy a gadget or whatever they must earn it by doing something such as tidy up their room, help with washing dishes, mowing the garden, washing the parent’s car. peel potatoes or whatever. We live in a society of whims and wants that makes people selfish, capricious and greedy so it’s very important to avoid them turning into spoiled demanding brats and consequently into difficult unhappy adults. Make him work with little tasks.

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