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Winter Break

For stay at home moms out there, I know some of you can relate to this. Now that it is winter break, kids are home.  I hear voices always saying, “Look Mom, Look Mom!” All at the same time. Simultaneous. While doing chores : ) It can get crazy. Need energy boosters!!!

5 thoughts on “Winter Break

  1. A tip you may already know, from a parent of two 30+ year olds…. Try to arrange your day so that, when they nap, or rest, you can do so as well…

    Once, a college psychology/biology experiment was held. A college marathon track star was put in a room with a two year old boy child, & told to just mimic everything the child did, with the same effort seen in the child, i.e. at top speed…. The athlete collapsed in less than thirty minutes… The kid kept going for another hour, then slept peacefully for two hours, & started up again….

    You can’t match their energy, so learn to pace your own as best you may…. You’ll need ALL of it!

    Good luck and happy holidays….


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    • ahhhh good tip! I just put the other one to sleep (for an hour) but the other one does not! so for an hour he plays Wii in his room while I sneak out and blog for a while. Or check out stuff online. This is my rest time! And I am happy to converse with you guys. Wishing you happy holidays too gigoid! : ) More years of blogging to us! Cheers : )

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