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What About Weight?

I have to admit it. I am lazy when it comes to exercising. My hobbies do not entail to much movement. I love to sing, to sketch, to play music, and to blog. Home decorating and gardening require some movements but not that much.  Moreover, I came from a Music oriented family and not sporty.

And now I am married to a man whose hobby is to run. Someone who finds happiness in joining the marathon and other runs. He looks athletic, healthier, and younger! And I am pressured to keep up with him. And more importantly to be healthy.

As I am growing older, I notice I gain weight although I do not really eat a lot.  (or maybe it’s the food I eat?) And that’s frustrating. I do not usually notice the change in me, until people will throw comments about your body or some friends teasing you. I envy some people who are naturally skinny or who are not prone to weight gain. Some of them even eat way more than me or do not exercise at all! I keep checking my weight from January 2015, and it is amazing how I stay the same! So my goal to lose 20 lbs. is still on!

Every new year I see myself making a promise to regularly exercise and choose healthier food. Today is the 10th day I have been consistent with a mile a day. After putting my girl to her day time nap, I run on the treadmill before I blog! And at night time, I do not include “rice” (usually part of Asian meals) anymore but vegetables/salad only with meat. I cut down my cake and chips too : ( At night time after putting the kids to bed, instead of munching on Doritos while watching TV, I snack on blueberries (without honey)!

This is already hard work for meeeee! And hopefully later on, there will be changes. I should not lose hope! Never ever give up! : )



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