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Music and the Treadmill

An hour quickly passes by with online shopping, blogging, or doing chores at home. It happens in the blink of an eye. On the other hand, one mile of running on the treadmill feels like ages to me! This simply shows how lazy I am!

One mile a day is nothing for some people but for me it is a lot of work already. Running for 18 minutes is boring. I recently tried playing music while I run. And it actually helps a lot! I searched for upbeat running music in You Tube and I found many options. At one time, I ran with Worship/Praise songs. Earlier I used classical music.



It was not that bad at all. Hopefully I will learn to like this exercising.

For my own good : )

8 thoughts on “Music and the Treadmill

  1. I’ve taken to praying while on the treadmill or reciprocal. I will often pray through the previous night’s dream. It seems to make the time go faster. If I finish too early, I continue with more prayer concerning how the Lord intends to lead me through the day. Anyway, as long as I’m sorting, time is vanishing, and I’m still getting that workout as intended.

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