In February

I acknowledge this moment

And every other moments on my way

As part of existence and of being human

There are days when I feel so happy

Days when I feel so distressed

Just like the other day it was foggy

Then today it is sunny.

At present I feel detached


Amidst social media , relationships, and everyday matters

Feels like I am in a temporary shut down

Just not feeling anything grand

Steady and breathing.

So I try to find inspiration

Waiting for the wind to blow the clouds away

Til the sun shines through …

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Here are some pictures I took around me. It is still a beautiful world.

I also share them to my instagram account. You can follow me there —>  khris_79.

On That Day

It was July 2, 2014 when my kids and I left. We came home for a month to take care of him after being so ill. But that day I felt relieved. At least, I knew that he was doing much better before saying goodbye. Although he was in so much pain and was still very weak, he got up using his walking aid. In my head I can still see him standing from afar, watching us as we were walking down this path.


Photo Credit: Lyn Lazaro, my sister-in-law

The next time I saw him was the following year, July 26, 2015. Comatose. God gave me a chance to be with him for 9 days. It is just sad that my last memories of him was those painful days in the hospital.

It has been six months now since he left. Earlier, I started deleting some photos from my phone taken when he was in the hospital. Maybe this is a sign of healing. But I still could not help the tears when I think about him…