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My Sweet Little Home

Soon, we will be leaving the home I have loved so much for more than 5 years. This house is my first “home” after I got married. We lived in a house prior to this but I felt like it was just more of a house. A house is not always a home. But this one? I call it my sweet little home. This is the home of hopes, dreams, healing, joy, and peace. My family had a lot of happy memories in here.

They say, the only permanent thing in this world is CHANGE. So I guess this is another major change for us! Although we are sad because we will miss being in here, we are also looking forward to a new chapter in our life. Besides, they say home is wherever your heart is. Our family will be together so that’s all that matters. We will make the next house our home.

4 thoughts on “My Sweet Little Home

  1. Khris,
    I’ve found that a house in no more than a structure of brick, mortar and wood. What makes it a home are those who inhabit it. The joys and sorrows, triumphs and failures experienced when coupled with love is what gives a house its character and somewhat of a sense of a life of its own. But its life has come from those who lived in it and loved in it. So you are not leaving much behind, for your new house will receive the life from the last house that you are taking with you.
    Enjoy making your new house an even better home. You’ve had the practice.


    • Hello Alan! How are you? I have been gone for a long time. And I am so thrilled to read the messages here. It’s been already 8 months in the new home. And it’s wonderful! It feels the same now. My old home will always be a beautiful memory. Now we are making more memories too! Thank you for your words. As always! Take care!


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